L’Auberge Ducks

For those of you that are new to L’Auberge de Sedona, we wanted to explain one of the trending pieces in many of our social media posts…the ducks!

The duck has long been our ‘mascot’ as it’s been in each version of our logo.

Ducks are always around L’Auberge.  We have a daily duck feeding at 8AM along the beach of Oak Creek at L’Auberge.  Duck feedingThe ducks start to gather near the feeding area and creek around 7:45AM, they know when duck feeding starts!  The valet team have their own group that like to visit for a snack throughout the day.  



During the day they will sun on the rocks in the creek.  When the creek rises from rain or snow melt, you’ll see them riding the rapids past the restaurant. ducks rapids




Generally we only have mallards in Oak Creek, but every once in awhile we will be lucky to spot a mandarin oriental. 


The ducks generally start to form pairs in October and November, this is when you’ll see our “Maudes” and “Claudes” waddling around the property….heading to brunch or stopping by the spa.  ducks at spaThen in the spring you’ll see the ducklings following their mamas in a winding line.  Maudes are the females and Claudes are the males, these names were given to the ducks by our very own Kara Cristman, Catering Sales Manager.

So now you know where our stories come from.  The ducks are the celebrities of L’Auberge!

~Signing off CreekSide, L’Auberge

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