Unplug and Connect in Sedona

West Fork

As we fall into a new season in Sedona, the temperatures are cooling, the leaves are changing and it is the perfect time to reconnect with yourself and your partner.  With all the distractions of the day-to-day, you may talk to your partner every morning, text and email through the day, but are you really connecting?  Take some time away from conversing over technology and truly connect with one another.  Traveling to Sedona is a great excuse to a hike together or go on an adventure…have you ever mountain biked together or gone off-roading in an ATV?  This season our focus for our guests is to Unplug and Connect in Sedona.

Our 5 invitations to Unplug and Connect this season in Sedona:

  1. Take your phone on a West Fork hike, but put it on airplane mode and only use it for photos.  Find your inner kid and skip a couple pebbles along the creek as you balance on the rocks.  (Local Tip: Bring an extra pair of socks, the creek isn’t deep but you may mis-step a time or two.)
  2. Leave your computer and iPad at home this trip.  Bring a physical book and when you find different color leaves fall, press them in-between the pages.  If you must remember a note for next week, write it on a piece of paper and pack away into your suitcase to forget about until you get home.
  3. Post your Sedona photos to social media, but do it when you get home.  Savor the time you’re in, while you’re here.  Then relive it by posting (and bragging, a little) then watching as you receive many likes and comments.
  4. Let someone else drive.  You’re on vacation, together, so you should both enjoy the scenery…and possibly the local wines.  A towncar for a few hours is not a large expense, but the benefits are many.  Hold hands in the back seat, count all the different license plates you see, make up new names for the Red Rock formations; just have fun being together.
  5. Keep the TV off and play a card or board game.  The weather is perfect in the fall to set up a game on your cottage deck in the evening.  A little competitive spirit can be good and will help you to relax, maybe even tease your partner a little when you’re winning.

Unplug and Connect in Sedona

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