Love Doesn’t Discriminate. Share The Love. Stop SB 1062.

Arizona SB 1062

SB 1062, the controversial bill that passed in the Arizona senate last Thursday, has spawned thousands of calls and emails to Governor Jan Brewer’s office in response and opposition to the legislation. According to the Arizona Republic:

“SB 1062 proposes to expand the state’s definition of the exercise of religion to include both the practice and observance of religion. It would also allow someone to assert a legal claim of free exercise of religion regardless of whether the government is a party to the proceedings. The legislation would expand those protected under the state’s free-exercise-of-religion law to any individual, association, partnership, corporation, church, religious assembly or institution or other business organization.”

Our Stance On SB 1062:

L’Auberge de Sedona warmly welcomes all guests and visitors equally and will always offer unparalleled service to all customers without regard to race, religion, ability or sexual orientation. The hotel and its ownership stand firmly behind its values and will not support any type of legislation that opens up the doors for discrimination.

Large letter to Gov Brewer


 To stop SB 1062, please contact Governor Jan Brewer:

Phone: 602-542-4331


Hashtags: #sb1062 #loveislove

Read more about SB 1062 on the Arizona Republic website.


What is your stance on SB 1062? Please comment below.

18 comments on “Love Doesn’t Discriminate. Share The Love. Stop SB 1062.

  • Thank you for taking a stand against this nightmare legislation. As an Arizona citizen it disgusts me that it ever even made it to a vote. Your letter is supports the true Arizona mentality that I know & love. I know many business stand united against SB 1062 as well as many citizens. Thank you for having the courage to lend your voice!

  • Thank you, L’Auberbge de Sedona, for making a stand for what is inherently and humanly right. I will once again patronize your resort with even more good will because of your courage as a business.

  • Loud Applause! I congratulate L’Auberge, its parent company, and staff for writing such a professional, respectful, and kind letter. I am long time customer of your resort and consider it my favorite of all time. I am glad you are on board with freedom and keeping our state honorable. While the governor and the
    pusillanimous congressman may still live in the dark ages where control, money, and fear trumps love and respect that doesn’t mean the rest of us have to get our mail there.

    Thank you again for your much needed letter. I doubt the governor cares about my opinion, I am assured that she cares about your corporation’s opinion. You are my and other individual’s voice!!

    Have a wonderful night!

    Take care,
    ~Dee Scott

  • SB1062 is an excuse to discriminate plain and simple. The folks at IMH Financial Corp. have eloquently stated the reasons that SB1062 will create the very problems it is supposedly designed to eradicate. It is a message that religious beliefs are, in and of themselves, reason to denigrate the rights of others. I do not believe that those who truly believe in a God that loves all his children would allow this to happen.

  • As a visitor to the beautiful state of Arizona, I feel great disappointment that SB 1062 could have passed the Arizona legislature. This bill will lead to discrimination of the worst sort. I beg you to veto this bill. I love the natural beauty of your state and have often said that I would love to live there. I regret that I will be unable to return to return to your state if you sign SB 1062 into law.

  • Thank you for your well stated letter and response to SB1062. We knew L’Auberge was a class act and amazing place to visit in Sedona and by standing up for what is right, you have just gain our loyalty! Thank you!

  • Among all of my friends and work associates here in CA there is already such ridicule and backlash against visiting AZ. Friends who have gone to spring training for years are canceling reservations etc. I could write chapter and verse over why such a law is wrong, but let me put it simply: no religion I have every heard of would ever sanction such a blantant mean-spirited law that is using the veil of religious freedom to sanction such hatred.

  • I much appreciated your expression of reasonable values and respect for all persons and relationships. Not only would the passage of SB 1062 be an embarrassment to Arizona, but it would be a national disgrace as well. For so many reasons the rest of the world holds us in wonder and ridicule in equal measure. This outrageous Senate Bill would tip the scales forever toward ridicule. We heard a lot about “The land of the free, and the home of the brave” in the just completed Olympic Games. Now, because of 1062 and Governor Brewer’s inexplicable passivity about it, we must again face the inevitable and lasting charge of bigotry, the most truthful, and defamatory, observation of our history as a nation. Our country will be tarred with Arizona’s brush. I can appreciate the economic loss that looms, but the moral loss and threat to the national pride are also reasons to vigorously oppose SB 1062.

  • Thank you for your letter. My dear friends shared it with me and I’m grateful for your stance for justice and equity. I’m a Christian who is absolutely against this bill. It couldn’t be further from the teachings of Jesus who said to love others without condition.

    Again thank you! Praying for a just outcome.

  • Thank you for sharing your letter here. We’ll be visiting Arizona and staying with you at the end of March and SB 1062 has been very much on my mind. I was going to call you about your stance, and then saw this. Needless to say, we share your view and will not patronize businesses that support SB1062.

  • I am embarrassed for our State. Shame on Brewer to not have reacted quickly to veto this bill and instead use this unfortunate situation to as a forum for personal attention. Once again our wonderful State has been put and held in unfavorable lime light for reasons very few support. Enough with the drama and attention seeking, make the decision now to veto this bill now for the sake of the State, the people who love living & working here and those that welcome all walks of life to enjoy everything this State has to offer.

  • First, I agree that the bill is unconstitutional, not to mention ignorant. Having said that, your email seems to either be shameless pandering to your gay clientele or an unsolicited political/social statement. If it’s the former, you can solicit business any way you wish. If it’s the latter, I will less than anxiously await your views on climate change, tax reform, gun control, foreign affairs, and, of course, immigration policy.

    PS….if Enchantment sends me a similar email, I will be sure to respond in a similar fashion.

  • Thank you very much for taking a firm positive position on this matter. Our state is so beautiful with so many great people, yet a few right wing conservatives continue to give us a black eye. It takes businesses such as yours to stand up for all Arizonans and it takes moxie, so thank you for your support of equal rights for all. I have stayed at L’Auberge in the past and of course will recommend it to all who visit beautiful Sedona! Thank you very much!!

  • My partner Daniel and I love Sedona and in fact just spent four-day Valentine’s/Presidents Day weekend there. Although we stayed at Hyatt Pinon Pointe this time, we have stayed at L’Auberge de Sedona and Orchards Inn in the past. We dined and drank at several restaurants and bars over the four days, and went on a Pink Jeep tour. Altogether, we spent at least a couple thousand dollars on the trip. We live in Las Vegas and love Arizona for its beauty and its proximity for get-away vacations. However, we will not return if Gov. Brewer signs this law into effect. And, we will help promote a tourism boycott of Arizona until the law is changed. Thank you, IMH Financial for your strong stance against SB 1062 and let’s all hope Arizona remains a welcoming state for everyone. Sincerely, Thomas Bruny

  • BRAVO L’Auberge!

    You make me so proud to be a Sedonan. In support of your opposition to SB 1062, I’ve proposed that we locals come spend as much money as possible at your restaurant and that we spread the word that you are fighting the good fight to protect Arizona from bigotry and homophobia.


  • I urge Governor Brewer not to pass this legislation. This is a trip back 60+ years for the country and it seems to me that such a law would be totally unconstitutional. What an outrage that something like this could take place in our country today. Take a good look at some of the other countries in the world today where intolerance leads to incredible strife and violence of the worst kind. A law like this seems to me to be a first step in that direction. What are these “religious” people thinking?

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