Definitely stay in a cottage and take the time to enjoy the lovely room, walks to the creek, stargazing and soaking up the beauty of your surroundings. This is a place to stay and soak up, not just a place to sleep and leave. The newer cottages have gas fireplaces, the older cottages have the original wood burning fireplaces. We stayed in a newer cottage and it was just perfect. Everything about our stay was perfect.-March 2015

The service is exceptional. Rooms are cozy. We were in a cottage. Great time!! Food was very good. Easy to get to downtown Sedona. The views were very good. Privacy was exceptional. All aspects of the service was phenomenal.-March 2015

One of the most pet friendly hotels we have ever stayed at. Our two dogs had a welcome gift package of treats and two feeding bowls set up for them. They were allowed in the lobby and in certain areas where we could eat a meal. The staff was very accommodating and the view from our vista cottage was breathtaking!-March 2015

My husband and I stayed at L’Auberge for our honeymoon in February after getting married in Vegas. It was the perfect balance to our excitement. When you walk in the door of L’Auberge by just breathing in the fresh air and hearing the sounds of the stream, you are instantly calmed. The property is stunning yet intimate. The staff is polite and accommodating, making you feel as if you are the only ones there. Our cottage was private and romantic. The food and drinks were amazing. It was a short walk into town – where there is more to do and explore.-March 2015

We just had out wedding at L’Auberge and it was perfect! We didn’t have a large wedding but every detail was attended to and the service was amazing. Teagan helped ensure everything went smoothly and she was such a help during the planning process. The resort exceeded our expectations in every possible way!-March 2015

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