Yoga is a 6,000-year-old holistic health system, which can be tailored to your unique physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Please choose one of the following for your private Yoga experience:

Chakra Charge
Each chakra represents profound evolution for the body, mind and spirit. Physical postures, breath work, chanting and visualization combined in a spiritual practice to kick-start or accelerate your unique transformational journey into one of your 7 major energy vortexes (contact us for description of each chakra and consultation).

Customized Yoga
(one to two people only)
Based on a written and intuitive evaluation by one of our highly trained teachers you will be taken on a distinctive journey of you, incorporating mind/body and energetic practice.  This unique session can focus primarily on the physical, the emotional, or the spiritual, based on your request.

Vinyasa Vortex
Stretch and strengthen with this invigorating and rejuvenating, breath and movement oriented Yoga session! Reconnect to your body, mind, and breath, then release into a bliss-filled relaxation. Some previous Yoga experience recommended, but not required.