Sedona Yoga Festival 2015


3 days of Yoga, Meditation, Music, Kirtan, Consciousness, Energy Medicine, and Transformation. Over 140 workshops and events by 108 yogis, healers, authors, performers, reformers, musicians, shamans, meditators, scientists, philosophers, artists, and angels.

Thursday, February 5, 2015 - Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sedona, Arizona brings YOGA home. Sedona Yoga Festival is like a choose your own adventure novella… With the intimacy of our venues, and the staggering beauty of the location, so many teachers, so many workshops, and healing sessions… As you peruse the schedule, listen to the voice of the heart to guide your selections, and know that Sedona will give you just what you need.

The Goals of the Sedona Yoga Festival, 2015…

  • To be a significant resource for yoga and the expansion of consciousness.
  • To generate widespread awareness of Sedona as a true yoga destination.
  • To nurture collaborative community among teachers and practitioners of yoga in Sedona and beyond.
  • To welcome people to Sedona for the experience of yoga and transformation.
  • To develop purposeful partnerships with conscious organizations and businesses.
  • To encourage and support non-profit organizations in our local community and our expanded yoga community.
  • To nurture a mentality of abundance in energetic and material exchange.