Special Music and Meditation: Solar Eclipse 8/21/17

Experience the 2017 Solar Eclipse in Sedona

We are fortunate to have a clean, clear night sky here in Sedona. Since 2014, Sedona has been included in the International Dark Sky Association and is an official Dark Sky City, affording us a natural night sky with complimentary viewing conditions. This gives us a great canvas for our weekly Star Gazing activities as well as our seasonal Star Bathing, but also a great view of solar and lunar eclipses.

An eclipse is an astrological event that occurs when one object in the sky moves into the shadow of another. This August 21st, we will have a solar eclipse, i.e. when the moon’s shadow crosses the Earth’s surface. It will run across our nation, the first in 99 years, beginning in Oregon, reaching peak darkness in Illinois, and finishing at South Carolina.  We will have a partial view of it in Sedona, about an 80% block out of the moon starting at 9 a.m. with the maximum coverage at 10:30 a.m. and finishing at 12 p.m.

Devani Flute“At a spiritual level, eclipses are quite significant. For one, they represent a time of looking straight into our own deepest “shadowy” side, which can be uncomfortable.  They also seem to have an effect on our bodies, our nations, our planet – as eclipses are times where great changes often occur.

The challenges that moving into and through the darkness can bring up, can be eased by your own meditation and/or spiritual practices. By staying anchored into your own inner Self, one can ride the waves of change with more ease and grace.” – Devani Paige, Ph.D., Yoga & Meditation Instructor at L’Auberge de Sedona

We will celebrate this change with a special Music and Meditation guest activity, on Monday August 21, 2017.

Music and Meditation: Explore the benefits and basics of a meditation practice. Experience three different styles of meditation including breath awareness, guided visualization and sound healing, using native American flutes to soothe the soul, clear the mind and recharge the body.

Our Written in the Stars package is a great start to dark sky viewing in Sedona.  Book a two-night stay and receive a L’Auberge blanket, star gazing maps, star cookies, and a $200 credit to dining at Cress on Oak Creek or Etch Kitchen & Bar.

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This blog was created in correlation with Devani Paige, Ph.D., Yoga & Meditation Instructor at L’Auberge de Sedona.

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