Custom Tibetan Prayer Wheel Unveiled at L’Auberge – Sending Blessings of Compassion to Guests Near & Far

As part of the expanding art program at L’Auberge, local artist Sherab “Shey” Khandro created a custom Tibetan-style Prayer Wheel called the “Wheel of Compassion” that has been recently installed on the property. This very special Wheel of Compassion is a unique combination of ancient sacred tradition and modern technology.

  • KhandroPrayer-Wheel-w-Patina-webMini Mantras wishing compassion, love and peace are printed, along with the names of guests and employees and are placed inside the wheel.
  • Using special equipment, these Mani Mantras are printed on microfilm and carefully wound around a central shaft called the “tree of life.”
  • According to tradition, the more mantras that are wound inside a Prayer Wheel, the more beneficial it becomes. The technology of micro-printing allows millions of mantras in every Prayer Wheel.
  • Guests are invited to view the wheel and interact with it by spinning the wheel. As the wheel turns, silent blessings of compassion are generated, sending love, compassion and peace to all those names inside.

The most current prayer wheel on display will contain the names of guests and employees from the 2015 year. Each year, a new wheel will be created and will include the names of guests and employees that were part of L’Auberge that year.

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