L’Apothecary’s Spring Awakening Blend

Spring is in bloom in Sedona. The trees and flowers are budding and blossoming, all while creating a fresh aroma. Inspired by this refreshing transition, we created a special L’Apothecary Spring blend, named “Spring Awakening,” which celebrates the new season.

L’Apothecary spa includes a blending bar that allows our guests to create their custom body soak or scrub by grinding herbs with a mortar and pestle.  Our experienced spa team will guide guests by explaining the qualities and benefits of the herbs for a custom blend.  As an option, we have recipes of our favorite blends that speak to the natural remedies found in L’Apothecary.  “Spring Awaking” is one such recipe.

Spring Awakening combines Himalayan Pink Salt, Chaparral, Rose Petals, and Rosehips.

Reawaken to the possibilities of spring with our Spring Awakening Blend body scrub. Cleanse your aura with the powerful clearing properties of desert Chaparral. Used for centuries in sweat lodges and sacred spaces, Chaparral can clear away stuck energy that can prevent one from moving forward and embracing new opportunities. As we open and clear, the love and nurturing that Rose petals offer, help us to feel safely supported. Rosehips, high in vitamin A, support moisture retention, suppleness, and skin regeneration. Our Spring Awakening Blend is a treat to the senses, skin, and spirit!

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