Chai Iced Tea “10 Healthy Summer Frozen Drinks”

Todd Brinkman, our Food & Beverage Director, has a Chai Iced Tea receipe that has been featured in  Below is Todd’s take on his Healthy Summer Drink…

Everybody has their favorite coffee shop, whether it is a local spot or the great Seattle mermaid store.  Most people are not aware that the Frappu-Machiato-FrozenLatte drink they are ordering is full of preservatives and loaded in calories.  Some of these well branded drinks push almost 3,000 calories!

A great way to watch both calories, and what you are putting in your body, is by making it yourself.  This Chai Recipe is loaded with flavor, not all of the other stuff.  You can also customize the blend to your personal preference.  If you are sensitive to caffeine, use a decaf black tea or steep the tea for thirty seconds in hot water prior to putting it in with the rest of the Chai ingredients.  Most caffeine is extracted from a tea bag in the first thirty seconds of brewing.  If you like more spice, double the amount of ginger and black pepper.

I like to make a big batch and keep it in the fridge.  Pour it over ice when the Arizona sun is really beating down.  A great way to beat the heat without sacrificing flavor and you can feel good about pouring a second glass too.

Chai Tea
4 bags Black Tea (substitute with decaf if you prefer)
1 inch piece of Ginger Root
2 Star Anise
8 Green Cardamom pods
8 Allspice berries
8 Black peppercorns
4 Cloves
2 Cinnamon sticks
1 Vanilla bean
½ cup Agave Nectar

Grind the dry spices with a mortar and pestle to release the aromatics.

Bring 5-6 cups of water to a boil and add tea and spice mixture.

Split and scrape the vanilla bean and chop ginger adding all of it to the pot.

Let it simmer for 15 minutes.

Add 6 cups of Almond Milk and return to a boil.

Add agave nectar, stir thoroughly and remove from heat.

Strain into container for storage/service and refrigerate.

~Signing off CreekSide, L’Auberge

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