L’Auberge Egg Nog Recipe

eggnog with cinnamon sticks inside

Chef Michael O’Dowd has created a special holiday Egg Nog just for L’Auberge guests, in the style of a winter horchata. This Egg Nog recipe brings in elements of the local area with juniper berries, and is scented with Ibarra chocolate. Enjoy a glass at the front desk and take home the recipe for your holiday party.

L’Auberge Egg Nog Recipe

Almond Milk        1/2 Gallon
Egg Nog                1 1/2 Gallon
Brown Sugar           1 Cup
Ibarra Chocolate   2 discs (or 5 Hershey chocolate bars)
Blood Orange         2 Squeezed or Juicing Oranges
Limes                         3 Fresh Squeezed
Juniper Berries       1/2 Cup
Ginger                   3 T
Cinnamon             3 T

Combine all ingredients and simmer on low to steep 5 to 8 minutes or until chocolate melts. Strain and chill.

Serve cold over ice or warm. Makes roughly 2.5 gallons.


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