Introducing the L’Auberge Wines – a Partnership with Page Springs Cellars

We are incredibly excited to announce that L’Auberge de Sedona has partnered with Page Springs Cellars to offer a hand-selected, exclusive trio of wines that represent the property’s unique location near one of Arizona’s booming wine regions.

Working with Page Springs Cellars owner Eric Glomski, L’Auberge tasted several wines and blends until the perfect trio was selected. The wines consist of a white, red and rosé, and are available in each guestroom to enjoy on your patio or in front of the fireplace.

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The L’Auberge team was quite involved in selecting the final wines. Eric Glomski, Owner and Director of Winegrowing of Page Springs, had several wines for the L’Auberge team to taste on different occasions until the final wines were selected.  Eric shared the Page Springs story and mission with each person so that everyone could understand the connection of Page Springs to L’Auberge.  By using the most local of ingredients, respecting and preserving Oak Creek and providing superior guest service made Page Springs a perfect fit for a partnership with L’Auberge. Their close connection with the Verde Valley community, their dedication to preserving the lands, and of course their unique and appealing wines solidified our decision even further.

The partnership with Page Springs Cellars allows guests of L’Auberge to emerge themselves in the Verde Valley wine country’s sights and flavors. Sedona and the Verde Valley are not yet known worldwide for their wines, like we are known for our Red Rocks. So the partnership with Page Springs allows for the L’Auberge guest to experience these unique flavors firsthand, in an unmatched setting.

We invite you to unwind with a bottle of our signature wine and savor the beauty not only in the bottle, but in your surroundings.

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