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  • Feb 26 2024
  • Feb 27 2024
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Guest Activity: Crystal Introduction and Meditation

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Introduction to Crystals

As travelers to Sedona continue to seek immersive and fulfilling excursions, L’Auberge de Sedona welcomes guests to experience daily metaphysical programming, which allows guests to gain a better understanding about the nature of the world and what it means to inhabit it.  Through these unique experiences, guests will learn to harness and explore their own metaphysical power through intriguing masterclasses taught by Sedona experts. From astrology to reiki, chakra and vortex overview, curious guests will leave the property with a deeper understanding of self.

One such offering is the Crystal Introduction and Meditation. In an effort to gain a better understanding of the Crystal Introduction and Meditation activity we spent time with local instructor Cheryl Baily. Read on to learn how Cheryl structures the activity and her experience with guests as they are introduced to crystals.

About the Activity

The guest experience program at L’Auberge de Sedona provides a variety of metaphysical and spiritual offerings for guests. As Crystals have become increasingly popular and many people are unsure of which crystal to choose to support them, we have created the Crystal Introduction activity to provide a guide to crystals and stones explaining the meaning of the types, colors and shapes. We will identify specific stones for healing, protection, clarity and grounding, how to align with the chakra system, which crystals can be supportive and which are easy to find. Everyone will choose three crystals using kinesiology, or muscle testing, to help determine the best stone for them, which they are invited to charge on the vortex.

Discussion with Cheryl Bailey

Q: How do you feel the Crystal Introduction and Meditation enhances the stay of a L’Auberge de Sedona guest?

A: When traveling to Sedona, guests will notice upon their arrival that they can find a crystal shop on just about every corner. I am sure it piques their interest and they question why. What is it about crystals and why are they so popular? This class is a beautiful way to share some of Sedona’s spiritual and healing powers. It also fills that sense of curiosity. Guests have the ability to drop into the experience and learn about crystals that they typically can’t experience anywhere else in town. It’s like a 101 class. I have added my personal flair to it because I was once the same way…I loved crystals but didn’t know why I loved them and didn’t really know how to work with them.

Crystals are beautiful and lovely to look at and be around; however, most people don’t understand why they might be drawn to crystals. And, they don’t know how to use them every day. I feel that the crystal class opens them up and provides a basic understanding of crystals and how to work with them, along with the chakras. Guests can then take that knowledge and do with it what they wish. Perhaps they will purchase crystals to have in their home, make their own personal mojo bag, create a crystal grid, or buy various crystals that align with their chakras. Maybe they will buy a necklace or bracelet, but they leave class knowing how to choose the right crystal for them and so much more.

The beautiful part is, no harm no foul when working with crystals. I provide the knowledge and they can do what they want with the information. I love sharing tips and tools for working with crystals. I also enjoy dispelling the “woo woo” around crystals because there is science behind working them, it’s all about energy and entrainment with our energies. I ask guests to come to the experience with an open mind, heart and a deep curiosity, then take what resonates and leave the rest!

Q: In your experience, how do guests respond to the Crystal Introduction and Meditation activity?

A: I have met all types of people over the last two years of teaching this class. I have the naysayers and the doubters, but for the most part guests truly enjoy the experience and walk away happy and plan on visiting the crystal shops. A lot of times, the class runs over the allotted time because it is so fun. I have people who want to stay in touch with me because they are curious and want to be able to ask me more questions about crystals.

I typically share a disclaimer in class, that this is my truth and it doesn’t have to be their truth, they can decide for themselves. However, when we discuss the chakras, and I show them how to use their body as a human pendulum, and ask themselves the question, “is this the crystal for me,” and their body responds by moving forwards or backwards signaling a yes or no, most guests are blown away. I simply tell them the body never lies, it’s always telling us messages. Are we tuning in and listening?



Learn more about the daily guest activities offered at L’Auberge de Sedona on our monthly calendar, here.

Posted: April 21, 2023

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