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L'Auberge de Sedona
  • Feb 6 2023
  • Feb 7 2023
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L’Apothecary Spa Shares Pure Radiance

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Shelves filled with spa supplies

L’Apothecary Spa at L’Auberge de Sedona is excited to share pure radiance with you in the form of ISUN Alive and Ageless Skincare. The team of estheticians spent time trying different product lines and felt especially connected to ISUN. In addition to the fact that it speaks to the culture of L’Apothecary and Sedona, the products are high quality and result oriented. The beautiful and earthy aromas, textures, and consistencies of the products surpassed all of the other product lines under consideration. We love how they truly interact with body, mind, and spirit.

This wildcrafted, organic, and natural skin care line is about honoring our connection to nature and experiencing the well being that occurs as a result of exposing our skin to pure living plant life. These artisan products have been crafted with a true intention to uplift and bring harmony to the body, mind, and spirit.

History on ISUN

L’Apothecary Spa Shares Pure Radiance 1ISUN uses both certified and non-certified organically grown plants from trusted sources. When they cannot source an ingredient that is either wildcrafted or organic, they use a minor selection of natural or naturally derived ingredients for some products.

The skincare products are manufactured in Ridgway, CO and many of the wildcrafted ingredients are found locally but other ingredients are sourced from other parts of the world. For example, Wild Tibetan Goji Berries are found in remote fertile valleys in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains in Tibet and Mongolia – known for their wealth of dense nutrients and energetic value. In addition, these goji berries are blessed by Tibetan monks before being shipped to Colorado for manufacturing.

What does wildcrafted mean?

L’Apothecary Spa Shares Pure Radiance 2Wildcrafted plants are harvested from their natural habitats where they can grow freely and untouched by humankind. They are ideally supported by compatible plants and ecosystems. This typically results in plants free of chemicals that are higher in nutrient values than cultivated organic and commercially farmed plants. They often grow in pristine environments such as forested regions or around bodies of water. The result is higher content of nutrients, ions, and biophotons = harmony with our skin and our bodies offering optimal benefits and a feeling of overall well-being due to their dynamic properties.

ISUN Products at L’Apothecary

It isn’t hard to see why we love ISUN! These are just a few of our favorite new products…

  • ISUN Apothecary productsOrmus Myst – This Signature Mist is made from the pristine, energizing, living water that rushes from a natural high altitude spring at its source, deep in a lush forest in the San Juan mountains of Colorado. Each bottle is embedded with a quartz crystal to hold the Light and energy of the sacred water.
  • Emerald Sun – This Hydrosol Serum helps to soothe, hydrate and energize skin for a brighter appearance. Skin-awakening peony root and algae extracts help to eliminate dryness and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Skin will look healthy and renewed!
  • Phyto-Infusion – This award-winning facial serum helps defy the aging process and keeps the skin looking vibrant and youthful. Specially formulated with potent plant power and antioxidants, this serum is designed with the intent of peak anti-aging performance.

“ISUN is an Alive & Ageless entity to remind You that You are Light and that We are all connected with the Light that timelessly exists in the living plant-life that forms our products” – Bunnie Gulick, CEO and Creator of ISUN

Why book a facial while on vacation?

With differences in climates, environmental factors, and stress levels, travel can wreak havoc on the skin. A facial can help restore the balance! Facials are also great for relaxing the entire body. Areas of the face are directly correlated to other parts of the body. So, when the face is touched in specific ways it can restore harmony throughout the body. In addition, our Signature facials incorporate not only face but chest, neck, scalp, arm, hand, and foot massage (foot massage in 90 min only). With a number of essential oil blends for the estheticians to choose from in the treatment room, aromatherapy is used as well to help relax and balance the mind.

ISUN products will be featured in our L’Apothecary Signature Facials as well as for purchase in the spa lobby. Please browse our available treatments for your next visit.

Posted: February 20, 2019

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