Wellness in Sedona

Wellness is a way of life and Sedona!  We offer a daily yoga session at L’Auberge de Sedona because we feel it’s important to our guests and will allow them to better appreciate their time relaxing in Sedona.  Recently we spent some time with one of our Yoga instructors, Rachel, to get a better understanding of how yoga can help when on vacation.

L: Why do you think practicing yoga while traveling is a good thing?

R: Yoga is great to practice while traveling to keep body and mind open, flexible and
relaxed.  The focus in yoga is on the breath and the internal experience.  This shift in focus — from external responsibilities, to internal awareness — helps to calm the nervous system, loosen tight muscles, and allows travelers to more completely enjoy their time away from home.


Yoga also helps to tone the digestive system, which is so important while traveling,
since we tend to indulge in richer, more exotic foods while on vacation.

L: Following a yoga session, what is the best way to continue the ‘good feeling’ throughout the day?

R: To continue and deepen the post-yoga feeling, use the tools you learn in the practice throughout the day.  Notice your breath and the sensations in your body as you go about your other activities.  If your breath becomes shallow, consciously take three to five long, slow, deep breaths and see what changes.  Yoga helps us to stay fully present in each moment, which leads to greater serenity and joy.  Spend time in the beauty and silence of nature.  Use all of your senses to fully experience and enjoy the natural world, time spent with your family and friends, or simply eating a delicious meal.  You will be amazed by how much staying present can enhance the way that you feel.

Yoga is offered daily at 8:30AM at L’Auberge.  During the Summer months we are also offering Sunset Yoga outside at 6PM.

~Signing off CreekSide, L’Auberge

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