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L'Auberge de Sedona
  • Sep 29 2022
  • Sep 30 2022
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New Guest Activity: Star Bathing

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A starry night sky with mountains in the distance

L’Auberge de Sedona offers all out guests activities daily that have been designed to educate, enhance, and inspire their Sedona visit, all the while, encouraging relaxation.  Star Bathing is a new activity in 2017 and is our adaptation of Shinrin-Yoku (Forest Bathing), in celebration of the dark skies of Sedona and fresh air of our high desert oasis.  Connect with nature while finding peace under the quiet starlit sky.  Our certified Forest Bathing facilitators will guide guests toward heightening their other senses when vision is reduced by darkness of night.  The facilitator will invite guests to awaken and attune their senses to the smell of the fresh water flowing through the creek, the rustle of the leaves, the taste in the wind; all while slowing down to meet the calm natural wonders of night.

This activity will be offered seasonally to guests and will be found on the weekly calendar.  It will also be offered as a private session through L’Apothecary Spa.  Guests should dress warmly with comfortable shoes.  Facilitator will have a flashlight and blanket for each guest to lay on during the activity.  Star Bathing is appropriate for all fitness levels and for all ages; but children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

We asked one of our facilitators, Suzi Minor, Certified Forest Therapy Guide, some of the things our guest can expect from Star Bathing.

  • What, if any, differences do you notice with guests who participate in Star Bathing versus Connecting with Nature? Star bathing offers guests the chance to rely on their other senses, since we are noticing our surroundings in the dark, where Connecting with Nature (Forest Bathing) is experienced in the daytime where our tendency may be to lean more into what we see.
  • Do you see a different kind of guest coming to Star Bathing versus Connecting with Nature? The guests that participate in both activities are interested in trying something new, most guests were drawn to L’Auberge for its nature rich location, so both programs offer the guest a whole new nature experience that they can’t find back home.
  • New Guest Activity: Star BathingDo guests have a new appreciation for the night sky after Star Bathing? Sedona’s night skies offer the perfect opportunity for Star Bathing, many guests get to experience something they’ve always dreamed of doing, laying on a blanket underneath the glistening stars, appreciating the stillness and wonder of it all.
  • Would you suggest participating in both Star Bathing and Connecting with Nature to have a full effect of Forest Bathing? I recommend both experiences since they each bring a unique perspective, although some of the invitations are similar, the day to night effect adds another element yet both help us to relax and reconnect to the natural world.

Star Bathing is offered seasonally, currently on Wednesday evenings around sunset.  Please check with our daily event board in the lobby for exact times and meeting location.  To heighten your star gazing experience, we suggest our Written in the Stars Package.

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Photos Credit: Alex Lark

Posted: July 5, 2017

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