Light Your Fire at L’Auberge

Stimulate Your Senses in Sedona This Winter: The Sights

The holiday season is upon us and Sedona is the perfect respite from city life. Inspired by the light frosting of snow on Sedonas’ Red Rocks, join us on a red velvet themed journey this Winter and stimulate your five senses at L’Auberge.

Cuddle up in a blanket in front of a fireplace

After a day exploring Sedona hiking trails or strolling through Uptown Sedona, retreat to your cottage and light a fire in your fireplace. Reflect on your day in Sedona or plan your next adventure; read a book or just relax while watching the flickering flames of the fire. Enjoy a glass of wine, turn on the Christmas music and be dazzled by this magical season.


Enjoy the Holiday lights around town

The holiday season is a wonderful time to visit Sedona. Festive decorations light up the town and create a sensational atmosphere. Start your holiday stroll at L’Auberge with a hot apple cider and make your way to Uptown Sedona. View the Christmas décor, be inspired by unique treasures and have your camera ready for picture-worthy moments. Be sure to stop at Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village to discover the boutiques and galleries and enjoy sparkling lights. On December 17th, participate in the Holiday Sweet Stroll at Tlaquepaque. The retailers will celebrate the holidays with sweet treats, special give-aways, and discount offers. You will surely find special presents for friends and family while listening to strolling carolers.

There is nothing better than a family movie night

L’Auberge is excited to announce special holiday movie nights starting Thursday, December 22nd, until Friday, December 30th; perfect for the entire family or just you and your loved one. Everyday we will have showtimes at 4:00PM, 6:00PM and 8:00PM. Each time a different movie will be presented, ranging from classics, like Home Alone and How the Grinch Stole Christmas, to Batman Returns and Love Actually. Enjoy complimentary concessions while embracing the holiday spirit.

Frosted Red Rocks

Participate in Sedona Photography Secrets and find unique picture-worthy sights

A light winter frosting on the red velvet rocks makes Sedona a picture-worthy getaway year-round. Be sure to bring your camera because there is no better way to capture Sedona’s winter beauty than with a breathtaking photograph. Every Thursday at 9:00 AM, award-winning photographer, Mike Koopsen, joins us at L’Auberge to provide tips and tricks on landscape photography while sharing great ideas on stunning places to see and scenic hikes to take around Sedona. Despite a light frosting throughout the winter, our days are usually comfortably warm and the trails are open.

Join our complimentary stargazing sessions and be amazed by Sedona’s clear sky

Sedona has some of the best stargazing conditions in the United States. With very little pollution, high altitude, and dry clear nights, you are sure to see a variety of Planets, Star Constellations, the Milky Way and other breathtaking sights. While at L’Auberge, join astronomer Dennis Young as he leads you on a tour of Sedona’s world famous night skies every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday starting at 6:00PM. Check in with our Front Desk associates, who will direct you where to meet Dennis.


Observe and connect with our weekly Artists in Resident paint on property

We are privileged to have several local artists create beautiful art on property each week, while interacting with our guests.  This is part of our Artist in Residence program founded in cooperation with Goldenstein Gallery.  Throughout the month of December, we will have artists who specialize in pointillism, sculpture, line art and more. You will find this month’s Artist in Residence schedule below. First, stop by and be inspired by the art in progress; then, stroll through L’Auberge and find master pieces around property, including your guest room.


Next week we will highlight red velvet tastes that you won’t want to miss.

Happy Holidays!

13774840_1648012492193759_1354100608_nThis season, we have created a special package just for you to join us on this red velvet journey. Our Cottage Fever package is the perfect pairing of a relaxing, fireside, spa treatment with snuggle-worthy gifts sure to help you shake off the confines of winter and leave you with warm memories that will last until Spring.

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