Listen to the Sounds of Nature at L’Auberge

Stimulate Your Senses this Winter in Sedona: The Sounds

Sedona is the perfect respite from bustling city life and a romantic destination for you and your loved one to reconnect with yourself and each other. Inspired by the light frosting of snow on the Red Rocks, join us on our last stop of the red velvet themed journey this winter in Sedona and stimulate your five senses at L’Auberge. While we have already highlighted Red Velvet sightstastessmells and touch; this month, we are focusing on the “sound” of winter. From Forest Bathing to live music at Soundbites, listen to your surroundings and you will be amazed by what your ears pick up.

Listen to the sounds of nature while forest bathing at L’Auberge

Forest Bathing, also known as Shinrin-Yoku, is a Japanese practice that was brought over to the US in recent years by the Association of Nature & Forest Therapy. Over time, forest bathing has been proven to reduce blood pressure and stress levels amongst other benefits. At L’Auberge we invite you to connect with yourself and with nature during our complimentary forest bathing guest activity, every Tuesday at 10AM. While you will not actually bathe in Oak Creek, this activity revolves around mindfully moving throught the landscape in ways that open the senses, and cultivate presence. Forest bathing invites you to calm your mind and become aware of your surroundings. Close your eyes and just listen to the sounds of nature, what can you hear?

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Music and Meditation

Feel music as it moves through your chakras with Music and Meditation

Music and Meditation is a favorite amongst our complimentary guest activities. Every Monday at 7PM, experience three types of meditation including breath awareness, guided visualization and sound healing, using native American flutes to soothe the soul, clear the mind and recharge the body. Devani Paige, who took part creating this guest activity, explains, “The intention of this meditation is to allow the music of the flute to act as a tuning fork, to re-align each correlating chakra, thus creating a renewed sense of energy and balance. I recommend that listeners relax, lay back, close their eyes, and breath deeply as the music of the native flute takes you on a journey of relaxation & renewal.” What a better way is there to end an exciting day exploring Sedona?!


Quiet your mind during Sound Healing with Tanaya Gallagher

Have you ever heard of the magic of sound healing? This activity is an experience of deep relaxation you will remember for years to come. Sound healing, through various techniques, uses the energy of sound to promote wellness in the human system, including the extension of consciousness. The use of sounds found in nature and natural instruments, such as crystal bowls, has specific healing frequencies and harmonics.

During a 90-minute sound healing session at L’Auberge you will be guided through the following cues, each designed as an invitation to what makes you comfortable.

  • First, a personalized opening exercise including breathing, stretching while aligning your posture and chanting.
  • Next, Sedona sound healing performed by Tanaya Gallagher with alchemy crystal bowls. These bowls are made of 99% crystal and 1% of gemstones or minerals, each bowl gives a different frequency and Tanaya will use the bowls in a custom pattern to balance the energy of the individual guest.
  • Finally, a personalized closing including a healing mantra will end your Sedona sound healing experience.

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Tap your feet to the live Music at Sound Bites

A cocktail and live music at Sound Bites is a fun, energizing way to end your day exploring Sedona, if you still have energy from hitting the trails that is. Almost every day of the week, local as well as nationally acclaimed musicians take the stage and play an array of music genres ranging from soothing classic to Rock n Roll. View the Sound Bites event calendar to see what kind of music is playing while you are in Sedona. Then, pack your dancing shoes as the evening may start out by just tapping your feet but could quickly end up in you taking over the dance floor.

Sometimes, we are too busy to observe our surroundings and truly listen to nature, your significant other or yourself. When in Sedona, take a break, breathe and reconnect. We hope our journey of the senses will help you to find new ways to view yourself and Sedona, creating lasting memories.

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