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  • Jul 31 2021
  • Aug 1 2021
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Sedona Celebrates the International Day of Peace

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Sedona Celebrates the International Day of Peace

What is International Day of Peace

This year marks the 39th Anniversary of the International Day of Peace. Established by the United Nations, Peace Day provides a globally shared date for all humanity to commit to Peace above all differences, and to contribute to building a Culture of Peace. This year we have learned a strong lesson, that what happens on one side of the world can certainly affect the other, so the 2020 theme for the International Day of Peace is Shaping Peace Together. On September 21, 2020, the Secretary-General of the United Nations will celebrate the Day in the Peace Garden at United Nations Headquarters by ringing the Japanese Peace Bell and observing a minute of silence.

In 2012 the city of Sedona was honored to receive a proclamation from the United Nations making Sedona the 35th International City of Peace.  In the past four years nearly 100 others have been added across the globe. 

How to Engage in a Day of Peace

In Sedona, during the month of September, Goldenstein Gallery supports peace through the arts with their Everyday Peace Exhibit at L’Auberge de Sedona.  Guests may pick up an Art Map in the lobby and self-tour to see exhibits curated by Linda Goldenstein of paintings, maquette, monumental and life-size sculpture by such artists as Shey Khandro, Ali Mignonne, David Phelps, James Muir, Cheston Trammel, Ben Wright, Patricia Griffin, John Waddell and more.

Also on Monday, Sept. 21 at 9:30am Shey Khandro will lead a peace meditation at L’Auberge for our guests. Those not able to travel and stay at L’Auberge are invited to participate with our livestream on social media. (Follow L’Auberge on Instagram.) Both the meditation and the Everyday Peace Group Art Exhibit support Peace in our Hearts and Minds by celebrating the anniversary of the International Day of Peace and encouraging all to experience peace every day.

Meet Shey Khandro

Painter and sculptor Sherab (Shey) Khandro wishes to inspire the hearts and minds of others. She is one of a handful of early western artists to receive formal training from Buddhist masters in exile in the US, bringing forth traditional sacred art in the way it has been done in Tibet for centuries. Using the neo-impressionist style of pointillism in her paintings, tiny dots of color create vibrant imagery; each stroke of the brush holds the intention of compassion to end suffering in the world.

Art for Peace

The Everyday Peace Art Exhibit supports Peace in our Hearts and Minds by celebrating peace and encouraging all to experience peace everyday. “Many people find daily peace in art. I believe our artists’ pieces have a peaceful intention that is realized by the artist as they create and by the viewer when they experience the art,” says Linda Goldenstein “We invite everyone to take a moment to connect with art that inspires their inner peace.”

In the Peace Garden at L’Auberge, guests are invited to spin Khandro’s Wheel of Compassion releasing over a billion prayers for Peace, Love and Compassion. David Phelps’ monumental Pastoral Dreamer invites us to take a deep breath and relax. Close by, James Muir reminds us that “The longest journey is the journey within,” with his life size Holy Grail sculpture. Small maquette size sculptures of the Holy Grail are available to see and collect in the Lodge at L’Auberge.  Last year, Muir’s monumental “Christ of the Holy Cross” was installed in Sedona’s iconic Chapel of the Holy Cross. The maquette bronze sculpture of this poignant piece can be seen and collected at the Chapel.  

Visit the Cress Exhibit to ring and feel the beautiful resonance of Cheston Trammel’s bell sculptures including the “Inner Peace” bell topped with a lit amethyst crystal and the 6’ tall “Inner Clarity” bell that is topped by a lit clear quartz crystal.  Also enjoy new vibrant and peaceful 3-D multi-media paintings by Ali Mignonne inspired by trees, water  and nature.

In the Art in the Lodge exhibit see paintings by Ben Wright depicting the teachings and healing knowledge of the Lakota tradition, Carla Romero’s “Elders” series and Patricia Griffin’s lifelike oil paintings capturing the personality of wildlife in nature. Many landscapes are in this exhibit that take one to a place of peace.

Throughout September we will celebrate peace with the following pieces:

Sedona Celebrates the International Day of Peace 1David Phelps: Pastoral Dreamer
Sedona Celebrates the International Day of Peace 2Ali Mignonne: Soul Searching
Sedona Celebrates the International Day of Peace 3Ali Mignonne: Compass Rose
Sedona Celebrates the International Day of Peace 4Patricia Griffin: Felicia
Sedona Celebrates the International Day of Peace 5Cheston Trammel: Inner Clarity Bell
Sedona Celebrates the International Day of Peace 8Ben Wright: Visions of Drinks Water
Sedona Celebrates the International Day of Peace 7John Waddell: Rose Resting
Sedona Celebrates the International Day of Peace 6Shey Khandro: The Lotus King: Padmasambava

Posted: September 2, 2020

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