Creating Balance with Tanaya Gallagher

Tanaya Gallagher has been part of the L’Apothecary Spa team for over 3 years and specializes in sports/deep structure massages as well as energy work. Tanaya is a passionate runner and has recently celebrated a huge success as she won the 10k “Loven Family Run” marathon in Cottonwood, AZ. Not only does she enjoy running but she loves yoga. She completed a 500-hour Yoga teacher certificate and an additional 200-hour training in Kundalini Yoga & Meditation. We had the pleasure of interviewing Tanaya and found out the benefits of balancing yoga and running.

L’A: When did you first start running?
TG: I started running because I enjoy it when I was 12 years old

L’A: How did you develop the passion for running?
TG: It was a natural progression I guess. In middle school we had to run a timed mile every quarter. I remember, like most kids, disliking timed mile day. And then one day I really enjoyed it. It grew from there.

L’A: How often do you go for a run on a day-to-day basis?
TG: Generally, I go for a run once a day. When I train for a marathon I run twice a day.

L’A: How do you typically train for a marathon?
TG: I have been working with my coach for 8 years. He writes the schedule for me, which typically includes 2 – 3 days of speed work per week, the rest of the days being recovery runs and a long run. The nutrition and rest components are also key elements, everything has to be dialed in for a successful training cycle.

L’A: How many marathons have you participated in? How many marathons do you on average do per year?
TG: I have participated in 13 marathons. It varies a little, but usually I would say I run 1 – 2 full marathons per year.

L’A: What do you eat before/after a marathon? Do you stick to a specific diet?
TG: I am a vegetarian and have been for the last 5 years. I make 95% of what I eat during a training cycle and the morning of the race, I consume 300 – 400 calories, some of which come from a drink.

L’A: You recently won the 10K in Cottonwood – congratulations! How do you celebrate your accomplishments?
TG: Thank you 🙂 I usually run 8 – 12 races in a calendar year. Unless I have raced a marathon I get back to training as usual the next day. I try to enjoy each race for what it is, but until I reach my goal of qualifying for the Olympic trials, I will train through every success and failure.

L’A: Now you are training for a triathlon, to what extent did you have to adjust your training?
TG: My training volume, hours per week, is higher because I am training for 3 sports instead of 1. It is my first time training for a triathlon and I am humbled.

L’A: Why did you decide to participate in a triathlon?
TG: I wanted to stay fit while doing something a little different during the summer months.

L’A: As you work at a spa, do you often receive treatments to relax your muscles? If so, which treatments do you prefer and recommend for other runners/triathletes?
TG: I get a massage every 3 weeks. I prefer a combination of Swedish/Deep massage and CranioSacral.
More than a specific style of treatment I would recommend athletes to receive bodywork consistently. Everyone has different preferences but an occasional massage won’t deliver what the athlete’s body needs. Just like training it’s the consistency that gives the benefit.

L’A: Since you also teach Yoga, do you find that yoga helps your running? What yoga techniques do you suggest to other runners?
TG: Yoga changed every part of my life, including all of my athletic endeavors. I can highly recommend practicing meditation.

L’A: For those that are visiting Sedona and plan to hike, or trail run, do you suggest practicing yoga before or after hitting the trails?
TG: For the physical benefits of yoga postures something dynamic like Sun Salutations beforehand and then something like Yin or Restorative afterwards would be my choices.

L’A: Do you listen to music or think…or both while you run?
TG: Sometimes I have music going. I am always reciting mantra while I run to keep me focused and nonreactive in race situations.

Tanaya Gallagher

Photo Credit: Joshua Esquivel

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