Resolutions for The New Year

Sedona Meditation

As the new year tends to bring about resolutions of positive changes in life, we set out to talk to our wellness team here at L’Auberge to find out what they resolve to manifest in the new year. We spoke with Suzi Minor – our Forest Bathing guide and expert, Tanaya Gallagher – our Sound Healing extraordinaire, and Devani Paige – a true master of Yoga and Meditation. Read on for how they plan to incorporate overall wellness of the mind and body in their new year resolutions for 2017.

A new year represents a new beginning, and while fitness goals tend to get the spotlight, perhaps there is an internal fitness goal you desire this year. We tend to push forward in an endless pursuit of peace and contentment through striving, yet practicing presence, opening up to new experiences and spending more time in nature are ways we can tone down the noise and firm up our inner peace. This year my goal is to practice what I preach.

As a certified forest therapy guide, I have the privilege of guiding guests in the nature immersion practice called forest bathing. It is during these sessions when I am reminded how beneficial it is to reconnect with nature and connect with each other – which both positively affect our overall sense of well-being. If you are looking to get your internal physique in shape in 2017, consider joining the nature movement by stepping outside, slowing down and experiencing all that nature has to offer in creating a healthier you. My motto for the New Year “More nature, less stress” and the best part is it’s free – no membership required!

Suzi Minor (Forest Bathing)

Mantra translates as mind projection; therefore what we think we project. Learning to use mantra then allows us to know how to contain the mind, taking us away from the constant flow of thoughts and allowing us to be more present in our lives.

Tanaya Gallagher (Sound Healing)


As 2016 comes to an end, I ponder what it is I truly desire for the New Year ahead.  What stands out for me is a re-commitment to self love and self care. My New Years Resolution is for my daily routine to include practices of meditation and yoga, as these truly support the vibrant health and joy and peace that I wish to experience in my life.

A re-commitment to daily meditation is a must for me, as I have learned already through direct experience that when I show up for my daily meditation practice, the rewards are priceless.  Feeling at ease, feeling clear and connected, feeling in the flow, which all serve towards greater Well-Being.  And this can be accomplished in a short amount of time; as little as a 5 minute per day commitment, over time, creates these benefits!

A re-commitment to daily yoga as well is a must for me.  Whether it’s a gentle morning stretch, or a vigorous vinaysa flow, yoga is such an excellent way to become more present in one’s body, to massage the organs and release toxins and stress, all while increasing vigor and balance and flexibility.

I look forward to all of the abundant blessings that are coming in 2017, and with my Resolution to practice meditation and yoga daily, I will be fit and ready to receive them.

Devani Paige (Yoga, Meditation)

Daily Sedona Yoga Class at L'Auberge

What resolutions have you made for the coming year? We would love to hear them!

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