Warm Up This Winter with Sedona Spa Specials at L’Apothecary

What better way to warm up this winter than by Sipping Chocolate? Sarah Ann Lesslie, owner of Chocolita and a massage therapist with L’Apothecary for 5 years, has created a special sipping chocolate especially for L’Apothecary Spa. All guests of the spa with scheduled treatments from February 1, 2016 – February 29, 2016 will receive a complimentary Sipping Chocolate Experience following their treatment. One of the best Sedona Spa specials this winter, the experience of Sipping Chocolate focuses on prolonging the relaxation and meditative benefits achieved during your treatment, while taking the time to truly enjoy and engage in the experience.

The Sipping Chocolate as well as small sipping mugs made by local artists at the Sedona Art Center are also available for purchase at the Spa.

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Story of the Chocolate

gotu kola Gotu Kola has been prized for thousands of years for its ability to assist with memory and cognition.  Studies have now been done to back up these ancient claims.  The law of signatures is a term used in herbalism to describe that the plants will resemble what they are beneficial for. Gotu Kola follows this law, in that, the shape of the leaf resembles the two hemispheres of the brain. It is green and typically grows in very humid regions.

Gotu Kola is a great addition to chocolate. Considering chocolate assists with absorption of what is combined with it, you will have more brain-boosting abilities when combining gotu kola with chocolate. Chocolate also happens to be one of the most biologically complex foods on the planet, hosting nutrients such as magnesium, iron, and PEA – the bliss chemical, which is known for elevating mood. Most chocolate that is on the market is loaded with sugar, milk, and hydrogenated oils. It is devoid of most of its nutrients because the percentage of actual chocolate is very small. Even when the percentage of cacao is higher, you will still see added sugar, which is not the best for health and is not safe for many diabetics. By eating chocolate made with coconut sugar, you are getting added nutrition in the coconut sugar itself, as well as giving your body a break from a roller coaster of blood sugar spikes and dips.

bars_6_milkChocolate was used as a vehicle for medicines when it first came to Europe from Central America. One of its first purposes in western culture was to deliver health along with delight. It’s a wonder we ever shifted away from that type of chocolate towards chocolate as a “junk food” when we can get so many benefits from keeping chocolate pure and adding herbs to it that enhance taste.  As such, chocolate is not meant to be gulped down quickly. It is a nutrient dense food, and digestion begins in the mouth! Chocolate is also bio-chemically set up to be a food that makes you feel good. In this way, it is best to really allow yourself to sink into the experience of consuming it. Sit quietly, and sip drinking chocolate slowly. If eating a bar, break off small pieces at a time and let them melt in your mouth. This really allows for the full flavor experience to unfold for you, and begins the journey towards health.

– Sarah Ann Lesslie, founder Chocolita

Story of Sarah and Chocolita


Chocolita was created with the intention of providing eco-friendly, nutritious and exotic chocolate products. Her desire is to provide a unique epicurean experience that leaves your body feeling nurtured with nutrition and your taste buds stimulated with culinary bliss. Sarah Ann Lesslie has been making raw chocolate for almost a decade, before there was even a raw food section in most health food stores. She has a desire for the distinctly different, the exotic, something new and exciting, and her chocolate reflects that.

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