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L'Auberge de Sedona
  • Mar 29 2023
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Spiked Peach Tea

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The snow-covered valley, with mountains in background

Sedona had the first snow fall of 2018 this past weekend, and it was magical! We’re keeping warm with our wood-burning fireplaces, plush robes and a little help from our friends at Etch Kitchen & Bar. We spent some time with Jordan Rogers, Director of Restaurants, and creator of the Spike Peach Tea to understand the story and inspiration behind this sweet and spicy cocktail.

Spiked Peach Tea sitting next to a window

Spiked Peach Tea

knob creek rye, peach blossom black tea, chile and peach simple syrup, thyme, lemon bitters mist

  • What was your inspiration when creating this cocktail?
    Spicy bourbon, sweet Saturn peaches, black tea, a complex spicy finish, lemon and thyme, and the herbaceousness of lemon bitters on the nose. This recipe is inspired by late afternoons relaxing along the banks of Oak Creek and soaking in the serenity of a day without worries. It is a perfect complement to an afternoon on your cottage deck, surrounded by a canopy of sycamores.
  • What bourbon do you use and how is it infused?
    The Bourbon for this infusion is Knob Creek Rye for its notes of spice, caramel, white pepper, vanilla, and brown sugar. I am excited to be infusing this Rye through a new cold drip infusion process that brings the flavors of Peach Blossom Black Tea into the spirit in a way that was previously not possible.
  • The Chile and Peach Simple Syrup are made in house, correct?
    Yes, that is correct.
  • What is the process to make the simple syrup?
    We make our simple syrup with sweet white Saturn Peaches, Sedona spring water, and Mexican chilies. Saturn Peaches, or farm peaches, are a soft white sweet peach, cut fresh, and reduced slowly with sugar and Sedona spring water. Three types of Mexican chilies are added to the syrup while it is heating. These chilies add body and bring additional spiciness to the finish of the bourbon. Chili De Arbol adds a subtle early heat and soft smokiness to the syrup. Chili Piquins adds a sneaky spicy finish to the finality of the sip, while a bit of Oaxacan Chili adds an overarching smoke and boldness to bring body to the other two chilies.
  • When is the tea and bourbon added?
    We combine the bourbon Tea infusion with our simple syrup, bottle the cocktail, and chill it to just above freezing.
  • How do you finish the Cocktail?
    Our Sweet peach tea bourbon is poured over a single large spherical ice cube, finished with a mist of lemon bitters, and garnished with a lemon wheel and fresh thyme sprig.
  • What would be a good pairing on the Etch menu with this cocktail?
    This is a great cocktail to pair with our Shaken Cobb, Butcher & Cow, Flatty, or our Grilled Wet-Aged New York Strip.

Since the addition to our bar menu, the Spiked Peach Tea has quickly become the most popular craft cocktail on our menu. While initially intended as a seasonal feature, the Spiked Peach Tea is likely going to find a permanent home on our list, right beside our Infinite Love Margarita.

Spiked Peach Tea outside next to fallen leaves

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