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L'Auberge de Sedona
  • May 17 2022
  • May 18 2022
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The Aware Concierge

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Tall mesas seen from a distance

If you have stayed at L’Auberge de Sedona, then we are sure that you have spent time with our outstanding concierge team. They are made up of the most “in-the-know” people in Sedona. They know what is going on, where the best spots are, and they know people in all the right places. So whether you are planning a girls-getaway consisting of spa treatments, yoga, art galleries, and great food, or if you’re a couple looking for an intimate spot to watch the sunset followed by a romantic meal, the concierge at L’Auberge is who you want to know!

Hike of the Week | BEAR MOUNTAIN

Bear Mountain definitely is that – it’s a bear of a mountain to climb. It is strenuous but the satisfaction of finishing this hike and willingly using your earned bragging rights gives you the motivation to reach the top. The hike to the top of the mountain is mostly unshaded, steep and difficult in places, but has great views the whole way. The trail begins at a broad path at the parking area, crosses two washes, and then starts a gradual ascent 1/4 mile to the wilderness boundary at the base of the mountain. The trail narrows and begins a 450-foot switchback that is steep and rocky in places. It levels out following narrow plateau area and then begins a steep rocky 500-foot climb in a narrow side canyon to a broad plateau. It crosses the plateau gradually ascending, dips down, and then climbs another 400 feet to a false summit. Fay Canyon views are to the right (northeast). The trail continues a moderate climb to the true summit. There are great panoramic views here. Continue over level ground another 200 yards to the Red Canyon overlook and a view of the San Francisco Peaks in the distance to the north. At this point you’ll likely be tired, but with an overwhelming feeling that you conquered Bear Mountain! Do not attempt this hike when there is significant snow on the mountain.

Hiking trail signs in front of a tall mesa

Did You Know?

Sedona was named after Sedona Arabella Miller Schnebly (1877–1950), the wife of Theodore Carlton Schnebly, the city’s first postmaster. Sedona was celebrated for her hospitality and industriousness. Her mother, Amanda Miller, claimed to have made the name up because “it sounded pretty”. Since 1902, when the first post office was established, locals and visitors alike have known that not only does Sedona sound pretty, it surely is!

Hikers atop a cliff look out at the countryside

Upcoming Events

2/2/19: Sedona Marathon
The Annual RunSedona will feature three distances sure to take your breath away: 5K, 10K, and Half Marathon. This scenic race attracts athletes from around the globe to enjoy Sedona’s red rocks up close and personal. “If the scenery doesn’t take your breath away, the hills will!”

2/23/19 – 3/3/19: International Sedona Film Festival
In its 25th year, the Sedona Film Festival brings together feature films, shorts, documentaries, animation, foreign films, and student films, to create a cinephile’s dream … NINE DAYS and more than 160 films!  Join filmmakers, celebrities, industry guests and film buffs from all around the world as Sedona takes center stage with its biggest celebration of film yet!

Check back for the next round of L’Auberge de Sedona concierge recommendations, as their roots run deep in the culture of Sedona.

Posted: January 31, 2019

Creekside Cottage “11 Best Hotels for Adventure Lovers”

On, L’Auberge de Sedona is highlighted in the article titled “11 Best Hotels for Adventure Lovers.” The article highlights the resort and showcases the on-property offerings, L’Apothecary Spa, Cress on Oak Creek, and the specialty cottage suites.


Hikers atop a cliff look out at the countryside

Celebrate Mother Earth with L’Auberge de Sedona

Mother earth is a provider for us all, and here at L’Auberge, we want to celebrate all that it offers us each day of the year. Tucked into the stunning red rocks and sitting right on the banks of Oak Creek, there is no better place to enjoy the world’s wondrous gift of nature.

night sky filled with stars and the milky way over the Sedona red rocks

Exploring the Night Sky Stargazing with Dennis Young

As the sun sets over the red rocks each night, don’t be disappointed, as an extraordinary celestial sight is about the be revealed. Stargazing during your time in Sedona is unlike any other night sky experience, and L’Auberge de Sedona is here to help you explore it.