Celebrating The Blood Moon in Sedona

Recently, there has been much interest in the occurrence of “blood moons,” a phenomenon that makes a full moon’s hue appear to be a blood red-orange color. This beautiful sight occurs during a total lunar eclipse. While total lunar eclipses are not necessarily rare occurrences, a lunar tetrad can be rare, depending on the century.

The next lunar tetrad is in 2032

According to EarthSky.com, a lunar tetrad is described as “four successive total lunar eclipses, with no partial lunar eclipses in between, each of which is separated from the other by six lunar months.” The most recent lunar tetrad started on April 15, 2014, followed by the last total lunar eclipse on October 8, 2014. The third occurrence will take place on April 4, 2015, and the fourth and last total lunar eclipse in the lunar tetrad will occur on September 28, 2015. The 21st century has a total of eight lunar tetrads, while the previous three centuries had none. The next lunar tetrad will not occur until 2032, so now is a great time to view the last blood moons of 2015 (the last blood moon until 2032 occurs on September 28, 2015).

Observing The Blood Moon In Sedona

For those seeking an unobstructed viewing of the April 4th blood moon, Sedona is an ideal location. According to Dennis Young, President and Founder of Sedona’s local astronomy club, Sedona is one of the best places to view and explore astrological happenings. Young explains, “Sedona is a great place to watch astrological events such as the blood moon for several reasons – Sedona’s dark skies are free of most of the light pollution that blocks stargazing in large cities like Phoenix. Plus, the higher elevation decreases the air space between viewers and space, creating more unobstructed views. The sky here is virtually haze-free with few clouds, which makes stargazing possible most nights of the year. Combine those elements with the transparency of the high desert air and lack of humidity, and visibility is extraordinary.” This creates a wonderful opportunity to travel to Sedona to witness a beautiful view of the blood moon, enjoy complimentary activities and relax at L’Auberge. Book the Bed and Breakfast package, which includes accommodations for two and a $36 breakfast credit.

Celebrating the Blood Moon at L’Auberge

To celebrate the April 4th blood moon, L’Auberge de Sedona will host special events on the evening of April 3 and in the early morning April 4. L’Auberge guests are invited to these complimentary events that will take place in various locations on-site.

  • April 3 from 7:30 – 9:30pm: Join Dennis Young for a nighttime stargazing session from a top the L’Auberge parking structure.
  • April 3 from 8 – 9pm: Join Devani Paige PhD, a metaphysics expert, yoga teacher and meditation instructor for a full moon meditation.
  • April 4 from 3 – 5am: Enjoy complimentary cookies, hot chocolate and coffee at Veranda Bar.
  • April 4 from 3:30 – 5:15am: Join Dennis Young and view the blood moon in a special viewing session a top the L’Auberge parking structure. Ultra wide binoculars are available for the great birds-eye view. Giant astronomical binoculars will be available for close-up viewing of the blood moon. A high quality, spotting refractor scope for detailing viewing will be available as well.

What are the benefits of meditating during a full moon?

The full moon meditation class is led by L’Auberge yoga teacher and meditation instructor Devani Paige P.h.D, who specializes in holistic life coaching and metaphysical science. According to Paige, “The full moon represents a clear alignment between earth and the sun, with the sun being 
the energy source for all life on our planet. The full moon also has magnifying affects; whatever activity occurs during the full moon becomes amplified in both its effect and intensity. Therefore, meditating during a full moon energy cycle makes it a powerful time to activate connection with oneself and with the divine source at a deeper level.”

All guests staying at L’Auberge on April 2-3, 2015 will receive details of the special events happening at L’Auberge to celebrate the April 4 blood moon. This includes a card detailing the moon position times, stargazing times and a L’Auberge flashlight.

Why not make a weekend of it and view the blood moon from your Vista Suite deck at L’Auberge? Email us for more information or book your stay online.


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