Chef Ro’s Foraging Adventures

Not only does Oak Creek provide a beautiful and serene backdrop to lunch or dinner at L’Auberge Restaurant, but it also provides some of the freshest local ingredients you’ll find on your plate.

Foraging along Oak Creek and the L’Auberge grounds is one of Chef Rochelle’s favorite things to do – experiencing nature and its offerings up close and personal as she carefully selects items around which she crafts her menu. Each season, the banks of Oak Creek are covered with culinary treasures – from various types of berries and herbs to mushrooms and watercress.

At L’Auberge Restaurant, you’ll find items currently on the menu that feature foraged ingredients. Here are just a few:

Autumn Salad

The current Autumn salad is made from the brush oak that the Oak Creek Canyon is named after. We torch the Oak leaves into the pear poaching liquid for an earthy, smokey, oak flavor. We then reduce the poaching liquid to make the oak vinaigrette. The flowers are foraged garlic flowers from around the property.

Autumn Salad at L'Auberge Restaurant in Sedona

Essence of Oak Creek

For the Essence of Oak Creek dessert, there are several foraged ingredients including:

  • The cake is made from ground Mesquite pods foraged from L’Auberge
  • The soil is also made from the mesquite
  • Sorbet is made from Rosemary foraged from L’Auberge
    • Wood Sorrel foraged from outside of the kitchen of L’Auberge
  • Lemon olive oil Crème made from fresh pressed olives in Queen Creek, Arizona

Essence of Oak Creek Dessert

Pork Butter

L’Auberge’s house-made pork butter features pork from E&R farms out of Tucson. Chef Rochelle collaborates with Proper in Flagstaff where they purchase the whole pig to dry and age – reserving the fat for L’Auberge. This allows us to get the most fresh and best local product we can get, and along with Proper, utilize the entire pig.

Pork Butter

Goat Creme

Our house-made goat créme is a dish made from local goats milk, house-made Rye bread, foraged creek cress and milk jam potatoes.

Housemade Goat Creme

Mushroom Risotto

This is a dish inspired by the foraged items from the creek. The risotto is made of snow bowl mushrooms, the sauce from the stinging nettles picked in Oak Creek Canyon, and foraged wild garlic, creek grass, and creek cress for garnish.

Mushroom Risotto


Foraged Amuse Bouche

The mesquite soil is made from mesquite pods found around the L’Auberge grounds. Also featuring braised local pork, fish aioli, and preserved cranberries.

Foraged Amuse Bouche

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