L’Apothecary Summer Blend: Desert Rain

At the heart and soul of L’Auberge de Sedona, you will find L’Apothecary Spa, a tranquil Sedona spa with distinctive treatments inspired by the unique, natural beauty of Sedona. This one of a kind spa offers a transformative healing experience for the mind, body and soul, stimulating healing through customized body care products and herbal blends. Lotus Wei’s signature flower essences, elixirs, mists and serums are used to enhance each spa experience.

To celebrate the summer season, L’Apothecary Spa is pleased to offer the Desert Rain summer blend. This blend offers a similar aroma to the pleasantly pungent smell created when the leaves of the creosote bush are touched by the high desert summer rain. Watching the rain transform the red rocks and soil in Sedona is an amazing sensation you must experience to truly understand.


With a combination of chaparral leaves, calendula flowers, and lavender blossoms, the Desert Rain summer blend is designed to heal, soothe, and promote overall skin health. The chaparral herb is a powerful ingredient, providing benefits similar to an anti-bacterial agent. Calendula, a regenerative herb, promotes the healing process. And lavender, a wonderful addition to any relaxing Sedona spa treatment, is wonderfully soothing for both the mind and body.

The Desert Rain spa blend is a gentle option for treating various skin conditions and is a wonderful addition to a mineral salt soak or sugar scrub.

Desert Rain Blending Recipe:

1 tsp Chaparral Leaves
1 Tbsp Calendula Flowers
1 Tbsp Lavender Blossoms

For a Soak: Add 1 Cup Mineral Salts –or- 1 Cup Himalayan Pink Salt
For a Scrub: Add 1 Cup Cane Sugar -or- 1 Cup Himalayan Pink Salt + ½ Cup Sunflower/Safflower Oil
*Not recommended during pregnancy

The Desert Rain spa blend at L’Apothecary Spa is the perfect way to enhance a romantic summer getaway. The Celebrate Summer Love package at L’Auberge comes with a daily resort credit of $100-$125 which can be applied towards a rejuvenating mind and body experience at the spa, or towards any of L’Auberge’s award winning restaurants.

There is no better way to enjoy a custom summertime escape than with L’Auberge. Learn more about our unique offerings at LAuberge.com.

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