The Story of L’Apothecary

The L’Apothecary Spa in Sedona


The inspiration behind L’Apothecary Spa in Sedona was shaped by the natural surroundings of L’Auberge de Sedona and the strong connection between guests and Oak Creek. The creation of L’Apothecary began with a desire to modernize the concept of a traditional apothecary, a place where people once sought natural remedies for their ailments. In a similar fashion, L’Apothecary is a destination and experience where guests can find reprieve from the chaotic pace of life and rejuvenate the mind and body by tapping into the powerful elements found in Sedona, including, rosemary, piñon pine, juniper and more.

Bringing L’Apothecary To Life

Essence of Oak CreekTo bring L’Apothecary to life, L’Auberge partnered with Katie Hess, a flower alchemist and Founder of Lotus Wei. Lotus Wei hand-collects exotic flower essences worldwide and infuses them into transformative elixirs, mists, skin serums and natural perfumes. These flower essences are bioenergetic infusions of flowers that work with the body’s acupuncture meridians to enhance clarity, peace and happiness.

Hess hand-collected and extracted flower, plant and an Oak Creek essence to create an aromatic, signature blend with the following benefits:

Rose: Sweetness, attentiveness, feeling cared for, caring for yourself, protection

Rosemary: Psychic awareness, ancient wisdom, mental sharpness, clarity, perception

Lemon Blossom: Pure and childlike perspective, playfulness, fresh awareness

The signature L’Apothecary aromatherapy blend also includes essential oils of Rose, Lemon, Piñon Pine, Cardamom and Black Pepper. The rich blend has been incorporated into various retail offerings available at the spa, so guests can enjoy the essences of Sedona and L’Auberge in their own home.

The L’Apothecary Blending Experience

Stevenson-0090In addition to the signature retail line, guests can tap into the powerful healing properties of L’Apothecary through the interactive blending station, located in the spa lobby. There, guests concoct their own bath soaks and scrubs by selecting certified organic ingredients like: lavender, calendula flower, roasted cacao powder, rose hips, white ceremonial sage and more. Once the desired ingredients are selected, guests use a mortar and pistil to grind and mix the ingredients.

L’Apothecary Spa Treatments

Connecting with NatureL’Apothecary has also been infused into signature spa treatments such as “Feet in the Creek,” and “Quiet Mind.” The treatments use the signature L’Apothecary oil and other rejuvenating elements, resulting in powerful and effective treatments that heal the mind and body. To learn more or book a L’Apothecary Spa Treatment please email us or call 1-844-330-8372.

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