2018 Full Moon Guest Activity Series

In 2018, we will reveal our monthly Full Moon guest activity series, Mindful Moon Meditations.  This monthly guest activity has been designed to appreciate the power of the moon by incorporating earthing, meditation, and intention setting.  L’Apothecary Spa has always strived to give our guests a unique Sedona experience which includes wellness activities that are one of a kind, the Mindful Moon Meditations is a great addition to our activity calendar.  This activity has been designed by our own Tanaya Gallagher who facilitates several of our wellness activities including Sound Healing, Yoga, and Power of Aromatherapy along with being a Massage Therapist.

The moon puts on an elegant show, different every time in shape, colour and nuance. – Arthur Smith

When referencing the Farmer’s Almanac, each month there is a different concentration or theme to the moon.  The first full moon of 2018 is the wolf moon which references stories of wolf packs howling outside of Native American villages.  The first full moon of 2018 will also be a supermoon and will appear larger and brighter than any other full moon of the year.  We find this fitting as it is a perfect time to howl a little louder, set intentions for the year, and let your inner brightness shine.

Each month our guest activity will include four specific parts starting with an earthing or grounding ritual.  This will allow our guests to get grounded while soaking in the energy of the earth and the full moon.  We will take time to talk a bit about the energy of the full moon for releasing and what the “theme” is for that month, like the wolf moon.  Next, we will incorporate breathing and meditation to match the quality of the specific full moon energy.  Then, clearing with sound which includes meditation through the sound of a drum and/or bowls.  Finally, the closing will give guests the opportunity to write all that they’d like to clear or release and a list of specific things they are grateful for.  We will engage in a fire ceremony to release to the ethers what was written in gratitude or for clearing.

For the first full moon of the year the significant qualities we will focus on will be love, compassion, and forgiveness. We will do a gentle meditation to harness the power of internal peace to develop a compassionate heart to move forward through the month and also the entire year of 2018.

We look forward to sharing Mindful Moon Meditations with our guests as a unique celebration of the full moon, the changing seasons, and the Sedona skies.  Revel in the moon and stars of Sedona year-round with our Written in the Stars package which includes a 2-Night Stay, $200 Dinner Credit (Dinner under the stars, weather permitting) and a Welcome Amenity of Stargazing Map, Star Cookies and a Throw Blanket.

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