Artist in Residence Biography: Dorit Herlinger

las_ainr_dorit_herlinger_headshotDorit Herlinger possesses an inspiration that stems from childhood memories of the ancient City of Jerusalem, her travels around the world, and her daily life in the majestic Arizona Desert.

“Jerusalem, the holy city, invokes different images and feelings. To me it is a city full of memories and rich with history archeology and architecture. The most striking thing about Jerusalem is its vibrant colors ranging from the wilderness of the desert to the beauty of the Judean Mountains. The richness in colorful cultures from Jewish customs and the mystic feel of the Western Wall to the black habits of the monks and nuns, the gold of the crucifixes shouldered by the pilgrims during Easter to the open-air markets in the Muslim quarter.”

“Jerusalem to me is home, not only the ancient home of my ancestors, but my family’s home for the past twelve generations. The sights, smells and sounds of Jerusalem are imprinted in my memory and have influenced my work tremendously.”

“Arizona is now the place I have called home for the last eleven years. The ever- changing colors of the mountains, and the serenity of the beautiful deserts have added another layer to my body of work.”

las_ainr_bracelet_dh“From an early age I loved painting, sculpting and experimenting with different materials I found around me. Recently, I discovered the beauty and joy of working with small-scale art and it felt natural to turn my attention to designing wearable art. There is nothing that I love more than seeing the jewelry I designed compliment the person wearing it.”

Having studied mixed media at Herberger College of Fine Art, Arizona State University and graduating with honors, her work represents old traditions in a contemporary look.  The silver jewelry she creates is artistic, classic, timeless and elegant in style.

Dorit creates tension in the composition of her pieces by incorporating contrasts in her designs.  Combining organic forms with geometric ones, she uses traditional shapes, side by side, with contemporary ones.  She employs vibrant colors to metal work and adds rich texture to smooth surfaces.  There is a painterly quality that manifests itself through her body of work.