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L'Auberge de Sedona
  • Dec 7 2022
  • Dec 8 2022
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Rise Up Sunrise Yoga

Rise Up Sunrise Yoga This early morning session will allow you to start your day with yoga poses that will encourage you to open your heart and cultivate inner peace […]

Opening to Self Sound Healing

Opening to Self Sound Healing This offering will invite you to explore your inner world and allow the frequencies of the crystal bowls to align the energy centers, clear your […]

Introduction to Juicing – The Hype is Real

Introduction to Juicing – The Hype is Real Learn everything you need to know about juicing from a clinical nutritionist. The amazing health benefits, how and what to juice, what […]

Fusion Movement Yoga / Meditation

Fusion Movement Yoga / Meditation Join us for a fusion movement yoga class that targets your core stabilizer muscles and incorporates movement for the whole body. This is apporpriate for […]