There are many Jeep touring companies operating in the Sedona area and they do all sorts of tours—everything from gentle, pavement-based tours to serious 4-wheel drive tours in the backcountry.  All providers can be accessed through Visit Sedona.

Pink Jeep Tours

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  • Broken Arrow Tour: Sedona’s Best 4 x 4 Adventure!! 100% off road fun! This fun-filled adventure that leads you on and over the red rocks while the magnificent canyon walls surround you. Whether you’re stretching your legs and soaking up the views at Submarine Rock and Chicken Point or holding on tight for our heart pounding descent down the “Road of no Return”, this exhibition of natural beauty will leave you mesmerized. 2 hours/ $99
  • Scenic Rim Tour: Ascend an amazing 2,000 feet to the very top of the Mogollon Rim. Majestic Red Rock formations blaze the trail for scenic beauty and rugged exploration. These larger than life views of the lowland deserts combined with the Ponderosa Pine forests of the high mountains provide you with an array of fabulous photo opportunities. 2 hours/ $65
  • Ancient Ruins Tour: Extraordinary scenery abounds as you travel through spectacular canyon lands and towering red rock formations. Step back in time as you explore a 700 year old Sinaguan cliff dwelling. This tour is perfect for guests with younger children and those interested in the archaeological adventures; as it offers 15 – 20 minutes to stretch your legs and get out of the jeep. 3 hours/ $85
  • Coyote Canyons Tour: Great introductory tour! Travel through Sedona into the western canyons to view some of the most beautiful red rock formations in Red Rock Country.  Learn about Thunder Mountain, Boynton Canyon, Doe Mesa, Bear Mountain and the Camel’s Caravan on this scenic tour. Incredible sunsets – when the sun is at the right angle, the red rocks are drenched in rich, vibrant colors! 2 hours/ $65
  • “Touch the Earth” Vortex Tour: Sedona vortex tour! Learn about the history, science, cultural and metaphysical beliefs of the vortex sites. Visit Mystic Vista, Vultee Arch Road or Airport Mesa to experience the beauty of Sedona and see the views of Cathedral Rock, Courthouse Butte and Bell Rock from a unique vantage point. This relaxing, insightful tour will explore the myths and legends surrounding the vortices and let you draw your own conclusions. 2.5 hours/ $88
  • Red Rock Range Tour: Excellent mild tour with spectacular views.  Explore the trails and western canyons to view amazing red rock formations in Red Rock Country.  Learn about Thunder Mountain, Boynton Canyon, Doe Mesa, Bear Mountain and the Camel’s Caravan on this scenic tour, in addition to local plant life, wildlife and geological history.  No elevation changes.  2 hours/ $65.
  • Diamondback Gulch Tour: Outback adventure with 360 degree panoramic views. Travel 18 miles west of Sedona into Boynton Canyon. Experience multiple ecotones where the vegetation transitions from grasslands to pinon pine junipers to prickly pear cactus! See Thunder Mountain, Doe Mesa, Lizard Head Rock, Cocks Comb, the spire of Chimney Rock and other popular formations. Snake through Greasy Spoon onto the Sidewinder trail and through the Diamondback Gulch arroyo – with names like these, you know it will be memorable! 2.5 hours/ $85

Tour/ attraction descriptions, schedules and pricing are subject to change.