Artist in Residence Biography: Marilyn Bos

marilynbos“For me painting is pure joy. I learned at an early age painting lifted me to a higher place and carried me through life and its challenges into the real world of beauty. My quiet times mean everything to me; all of my creativity comes out of the silence. Painting allowed me the present moment and move forward.”

“Colors have come alive for me living here in Sedona. Hiking out in the red rocks on a daily basis, absorbing the beauty into my soul has been an incredible gift of inspiration. The depth of the layers in the textures, color and design of this organic nature is found in my paintings.”

“Painting has taught me to trust there is always an answer and the answer is in me. Painting has also been the vehicle to connect me with my source. Art is a door to the sacred, to the heart, it is a path, and it is a service.”

visions“Life’s transitions have spurred me to reclaim the essence of self through artistic expression: When I was a young mother raising four children, home most of the time, I knew there was a much bigger world out there I wanted to connect with and put beauty into. Painting was my way of creating beauty and putting it out into the world. I knew if no one ever saw them, it was ok, because once beauty is created it goes out into the universe for everyone.”

“Painting has taught me to trust that there is always an answer and the answer is in me. There are no mistakes. Painting has been a long inner journey and most important is the process and the fruit of the process is sharing it with the world.” ~ Marilyn Bos