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L'Auberge de Sedona
  • Feb 2 2023
  • Feb 3 2023
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Body Treatments

Body Treatments

Please note that some of our treatments have been paused as well as our shower and steam room facilities are currently not available; however, several treatments are available including our seasonal specials.

Please read our guest wellbeing standards to learn more about our efforts and what to expect during your visit.

Body Treatments

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Sedona Dreams

Temporarily Paused

This total body treatment indulgence begins with a gentle exfoliation using our organic, all-natural ginger-lime scrub. The massage therapist then applies coconut-argan oil and warm stones to relieve muscle tension. You’ll then be lightly wrapped to allow our luxurious oil to fully moisturize your skin, while receiving a neck and scalp massage. This signature spa experience will leave you feeling deeply relaxed.

90 minutes – $245

Body Treatments

L’Apothecary Luxury

Temporarily Paused

Experience the sweetness of our signature L’Apothecary Sugar Scrub, featuring flower essences of lemon blossom, rose, and rosemary in a base of organic cane sugar. This exclusive body scrub also includes the essences of Oak Creek. Your luxurious body treatment is followed by an Organic Refresher Facial. Using the wildcrafted, organic, herb, and essential oil plant-based products from ISUN, your face will be cleansed, exfoliated, and moisturized—and your whole body will feel rehydrated, renewed, and refreshed!

90 minutes – $245

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Aroma Salt Glow or Prickly Pear Scrub

Mineral salt has been long praised for its healing benefits. It’s known for stimulating circulation, soothing sore muscles, and removing toxins. This body treatment includes a replenishing scrub using the mineral-rich sea salt with your choice of aromatherapy, and a nourishing white tea body or prickly pear butter application. It culminates with a head, neck, and scalp massage.

60 minutes – $170

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Desert Sage Sugar Scrub

In this L’Apothecary body treatment, organic cane sugar restores balance to your skin while acting as a natural exfoliant. Combined with hints of juniper, sage, and cypress, this gentle body scrub removes dead skin cells, relieves stress, increases circulation, detoxifies, and stimulates the skin’s renewal process. It culminates with a head, neck, and scalp massage while your skin is rehydrated with a luxurious white tea body butter.

60 minutes – $170


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Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a gentle, rhythmic massage that relaxes soft body tissue, alleviates stress and tension, and contributes to a sense of overall well-being. This massage is lighter in touch and includes long flowing strokes to assist with deep relaxation.

60 minutes – $170 | 90 minutes – $230

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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. The techniques used are performed slower and the pressure is deeper to ensure concentration in areas of tension. This therapy is ideal for guests with issues of chronic tension or who are experienced with massage.

60 minutes – $170 | 90 minutes – $230

A couple looks at an ultrasound of their baby

Maternity Massage

A salute to expectant mothers, this relaxing massage is nurturing for both the mother and child. Extra care and attention are given to the mother’s comfort and stage of pregnancy. A blend of essential oils specifically formulated for pregnancy is used to perform this massage. Please note: Maternity massage is available for guests once the first trimester is completed.

60 minutes (available in spa) – $170

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Quiet Mind

Temporarily Paused

Inspired by the Quiet Mind flower essence blend from Lotus Wei, this treatment is designed to help you turn off your mind and fully experience your massage. The flower essences include geranium, bird of paradise, and passion flower, and helps support you in letting go of distractions and dissolving muscle tension. You’ll also learn simple guided breathing techniques while the therapist attunes facial acupressure points. As the mind calms, you’ll experience a deeply relaxing massage, without your mind interrupting.

90 minutes – $245

Closeup shot of a woman getting a hot stone massage at a spa

Sacred Stone Massage

Temporarily Paused

Warm stones and gentle pressure create the perfect combination to relieve stress and tension in your muscles and joints. The warmth of the stones in this body treatment allows your therapist to access deeper muscle layers to promote ultimate relaxation.

90 minutes – $245

Man and woman lie on massage tables getting back massages surrounded by candles and flowers

Couples Massage

Temporarily Paused

Enjoy the intimacy that comes with sharing the experience of your massage with another in our couple’s suite.

Pricing is based on the type of massage/body treatment you select

*A 30-minute reflexology therapy may be added to any 60-minute massage or body treatment for a cost of $80.

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Additional Massage Locations

Temporarily Paused

Creekside – Let the soothing sounds of Oak Creek transport you during your massage of choice (sorry, the Sacred Stone Massage is not available creekside). Please note: This is offered seasonally and is available during spa hours of operation.
• Add $30 to the massage of your choice

In-Room – Any of our massage treatments can be provided in the privacy of your own cottage, room, or suite.
• Add $30 to the massage of your choice

Integrative Therapies

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Inner Peace – Cranial Sacral

Temporarily Paused

Using a combination of light touch and holds to facilitate a deep state of balance, this treatment is designed to release compression in the bones of the head, spinal column, and sacrum. Inner Peace flower essence spray is also incorporated; it includes the essence of red hibiscus, arctic lupine, mountain laurel, and pink lotus to enhance the calm this treatment provides. The innate wisdom of your body guides the session, allowing you to release and unwind as needed, bringing you to a true state of relaxation.

60 minutes – $170

a woman lays on a massage bed with a headband on, eyes closed

Holistic Massage

Temporarily Paused

Receive a combination of therapeutic massage with the restorative and healing benefits of energy work to create balance, both emotional and physical.

• Holistic Massage with Cranial Sacral: 90 minutes – $230
• Holistic Massage with Reflexology: 90 minutes – $230

A man in tshirt and shorts sits at the edge of a stream with feel in water

Feet in the Creek

Temporarily Paused

Feet in the Creek is a playful treatment that facilitates a three-part connection between the earth, nature, and yourself. This creekside body treatment begins with a massage therapist escorting you to Oak Creek. As you are guided to step into the ankle-deep water, you’ll breathe in the fresh Sedona air, listen to the soothing sounds of Oak Creek, and connect with the natural beauty around you. Your treatment concludes with the therapist rinsing your feet and performing a reflexology treatment with our signature L’Apothecary flower essence serum. Offered Seasonally

60 minutes – $170

Feet of woman on massage table, with wooden tray full of massage supplies


Temporarily Paused

Reflexology is a scientific art based on the premise that there are zones and reflex areas in the feet that correspond to all body parts. Your therapist will apply specific pressures using thumb, finger, and hand techniques which will assist in stress reduction and lead to an overall sense of well-being. This healing modality is offered for 30 minutes as an add-on to other spa treatments.

30 minutes – $80

Accommodations & Spa Packages

Two females standing on a ledge that overlooks Sedona's red rocks, arms in air

Winter Wanderlust

Engage your wanderlust spirit at L’Auberge de Sedona this winter. Book any cottage and receive up to $300 in resort credit.

Introduction to Crystals & Meditation

Crystal Clear Intentions

Embrace your time in Sedona by engaging in an introspective experience centered around crystals attuned to your wellbeing.

Lodge Morning Moments

Lodge Morning Moments

Find your Sedona home base in a deluxe Lodge room and receive $40 in daily breakfast credit.