Sedona Dreams
This total body indulgence begins with a gentle exfoliation with organic, all natural refreshing ginger-lime scrub.  Delight your senses with the captivating aromas of coconut and argan while relieving fatigued muscles with hot stones.  To complete your blissful journey, our scalp ritual with head and neck massage will deepen your relaxation, leaving you with a clearer mind and total body hydration.

Himalayan Salt Glow
Pink Himalayan salt has been long praised for its healing benefits.  It is known for stimulating circulation, soothing sore muscles, and removing toxins.  This treatment includes a replenishing scrub using the mineral-rich pink salt with your choice of aromatherapy, and a nourishing white tea body butter application.  This treatment culminates with a head, neck and scalp massage.

Desert Sage Sugar Scrub
Organic cane sugar will restore balance to your skin while acting as a natural exfoliant.  Combined with hints of Juniper, Sage and Cypress, this gentle body scrub removes dead skin cells, relieves stress, increases circulation, detoxifies and stimulates the skin’s renewal process.  This treatment culminates with a head, neck and scalp massage while your skin is rehydrated with a luxurious white tea body butter.