L’Auberge Wine Program & Partnership with Page Springs Cellars

We are delighted to share three exclusive L’Auberge wines, born from our immense love of wine, and our passion to share the experience with you.

The Story

The creation process began through a partnership with renowned Page Springs Cellars, and was highly selective, impassioned and communal. We set out to create wines that embody what L’Auberge de Sedona is all about…connecting guests with Sedona, with nature and with each other. A variety of blends were presented by Page Springs Cellars Vintner Eric Glomski, followed by rigorous blind tasting to further hone the selections. As a result, two 100% varietals and one blend emerged, unanimously for their unique and beautiful taste profiles. From the selection process to the bottles, which were etched by hand in the Verde Valley, these wines are native of Arizona and are not available anywhere else in the world. We invite you to pair your L’Auberge de Sedona experience with our Red “Oak” Petite Sirah, our White “Sycamore” Malvasia and our Rosé “Primrose” Blend. Simply uncork, pour and savor.

The Red

Red “Oak” Inspiration

Oak trees are a part of the rich and beautiful landscape that surrounds Sedona and Oak Creek, which runs directly through the property of L’Auberge. Oaks are great providers of shade in our landscape and display vibrant colors in the autumn. The shade they provide is reminiscent of this dark, rich red wine.


The White

White “Sycamore” Inspiration

A grand Sycamore tree lives on the banks of Oak Creek and has been witness to many sentimental life moments of the guests at L’Auberge over the last 30 years including weddings, family celebrations, proposals and more. The clean bright palate of the Sycamore wine is mineral driven with fresh citrus notes throughout a mouthwatering finish.

The Rosé

Rosé “Primrose” Inspiration

Desert Evening Primrose is a soft, white flower with hints of pink that can be found
growing naturally throughout Sedona during the spring and into summer. At sunset it makes a startling transition as a yellow flower. The Rosé has an almost creamy strawberry note and a crisp refreshing acidity on the finish.