Your transformative mind and body healing experience begins at L’Apothecary. By integrating the powerful essence of Oak Creek and fragrant, local botanicals, L’Apothecary’s offerings stimulate healing through treatments inspired by the natural beauty of Sedona, an herbal blending station to create custom bodycare products and Lotus Wei’s signature flower essences, elixirs, mists and serums.

L’Apothecary, the heart and soul of L’Auberge de Sedona, offers an opportunity escape a fast-paced, always plugged-in society, and connect with the natural beauty of Sedona, through native healing agents. The L’Apothecary Spa experience is completely customized for each guest, by combining exotic flower essences and naturally-occurring ingredients like juniper, chaparral and rosemary, chosen for their healing properties. From signature spa treatments like the Quiet Mind treatment, to creating custom blended salts and scrubs, L’Apothecary Spa will immerse the mind and body in a state of healing, total relaxation and mindfulness.

The L’Apothecary experience is a Sedona spa experience unlike any other, allowing guests to connect with nature and inspire their mind and body to heal. Each signature treatment is infused with the actual essence of Oak Creek, chosen for its powerful, transformative properties. Lotus Wei flower essences are bio-energetic infusions of flowers that work with the body’s acupuncture meridians to enhance clarity, peace and happiness.

Our custom blending station allows guests to playfully create their own unique bodycare products by selecting native ingredients like lavender, juniper calendula flower, and merging them with various salts and sugars. The L’Apothecary blending experience is designed to be as unique as the person creating it.

L’Apothecary Signature Treatments

Stevenson-0109Quiet Mind
Quiet Mind is inspired by the Quiet Mind flower essence blend from Lotus Wei. This treatment is designed to assist guests in learning to turn off their mind and fully experience their massage. The flower essences include Geranium, Bird of Paradise and Passion Flower, to support the guest in letting go of distraction and dissolving muscle tension. Guests will learn simple guided breathing techniques while the therapist attunes facial acupressure points. As the mind calms the guest will experience a deeply relaxing massage, without their mind interrupting.



Feet in the Creek
RCP29487Feet in the Creek is a playful spa treatment that facilitates a three-part connection between the earth, nature and yourself. This creekside experience begins with a professional massage therapist escorting you to Oak Creek (a spring-fed clear-water creek), which flows through the property.  As you are guided to step into the ankle-deep water, you pause to breathe in the fresh Sedona air. Next, practice “earthing,” an emerging science that promotes direct, conductive contact with the earth, to balance your mind and body. Relieve tension with a head, neck and shoulder massage, as you listen to the soothing sounds of Oak Creek and connect with the natural beauty around you. Your treatment concludes with you therapist rinsing your feet and performing a foot reflexology treatment with our signature L’Apothecary flower essence serum.  This serum includes a blend of rose, rosemary and lemon blossom, to support a feeling of being cared for, having clarity and allowing yourself to view the world with a pure childlike perspective.