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  • Jun 25 2024
  • Jun 26 2024
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From Sedona to the Grand Canyon

From Sedona to the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the most visited attractions in Arizona, and for good reason. As one of the seven natural wonders of the world, and containing so much history and beauty, it’s a must-do for every Arizona visitor and resident alike.

As the closest luxury resort in Sedona to the Grand Canyon, we are excited to share our passion and insight for a truly memorable Grand Canyon visit. Whether you are planning a rim-to-rim-to-rim multi-day trek, or looking forward to embracing the wonders of the canyon in a day trip, we will make sure that you are outfitted with L’Auberge expertise.

How to Experience the Grand Canyon

Spend time with the concierge at L’Auberge de Sedona, either before your visit or once you are settled in and ready to plan your adventures. Our team can make sure your experience is one-of-a-kind, as you decide how you want to see the Grand Canyon: hiking, biking, by air, by train, or on a private or group tour.

Tips for Exploring the Grand Canyon

  1. Take the time to truly experience the Grand Canyon. While its beauty can be viewed from the top just beyond the parking lot, the magnitude can only be experienced by spending time and a little energy. There are tours to give you a better understanding of the history, and take you to superior vantage points for views and historical buildings. And if you enjoy a good hike, the team at The Hike House can point you in the right direction to the best spots.
  2. Study up on the Grand Canyon. Yes, there’s a lot to learn about this world wonder, but it doesn’t have to feel like school. As we recommended in Tip #1, you can take an informative and engaging tour. Or do your own research on the history of the land and people, as well as its native species of plants and animals (including 60 unique species of birds).
  3. Keep your wits about you. While so much work has been done in its 100-year history of being part of the National Parks, the Grand Canyon is still a vast area that can present some danger if you aren’t careful. Also, be sure to dress accordingly as the weather at the top (South Rim) is quite different than the weather at the bottom (Phantom Ranch), as it’s usually 20 degrees warmer at the bottom. In the summer, Phantom Ranch will exceed 100 degrees.
  4. Take photos. It’s not too often you get the chance to experience one of the seven natural wonders of the world, so double check the batteries of your camera or smartphone are fully charged. (And if you’re sharing your sensational shots on social media, be sure to tag us @LaubergeSedona on Instagram and Twitter, and @LaubergeSedona on Facebook.)

Driving from Sedona to the Grand Canyon

The majority of our guests make the Grand Canyon a day trip and drive in their own vehicle. If you have the time, we suggest you “do the loop” and drive up one route then come back on a different route to the one you started on. We can provide you with all the maps, directions, and suggestions that you need. Grand Canyon: Plan Your Visit would be another good resource as far as other things to expect for your journey.

It is approximately a 2-hour drive on The Fast Route (I-40 W to AZ-64 N):

  • Take State Route 179 away from the hotel and get onto I-17. If you stay on 1-17, it becomes the main street of Flagstaff, and when you go under the railway line, the first traffic light is the left turn that becomes Hwy 180. Take 180 until Hwy 64, then 64 to the south entrance for the Grand Canyon.
  • If you came in at the south entrance, you can drive yourself to the overlooks on the East Rim, and walk around the main area of the South Rim—where you will see the historic El Tovar Lodge, the Hopi House, Kolb Studio, and the Bright Angel trail that goes down in to the Canyon. They offer free shuttles which run every 15 minutes and take you to the overlooks out to the west.
  • This route takes about two hours and fifteen minutes and is the most direct.

For a route that has a few more stops along the way: