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L'Auberge de Sedona
  • Jun 5 2023
  • Jun 6 2023
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Holistic Experiences

Holistic Experiences

Be immersed in a pristine forest environment and embark on a personal journey of discovery during a private sensory healing experience or metaphysical instruction. Connect with nature, balance your chakras through the sounds of crystal bowls, stretch, strengthen, and reconnect to your mind, body, and breath. These are just a few of the experiences waiting for you at L’Apothecary Spa in tranquil, magical Sedona.

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Sound Healing Bowls

Holographic Alchemy of Sounds

During this truly magical sound healing session, an energy healer utilizes vocal harmonics and various vibrational instruments to assist you in aligning with your highest self and accessing the self-healing power. Working with holographic alchemy, sacred geometry, the Hathors and the Angelic Realms, you guide channels Cosmic Energy to cleanse and balance all of your chakras and energetic fields, bringing your frequencies into alignment for optimal health and vitality. This can be beneficial for any type of physical ailment or pain, dis-ease or illness, mental or emotional issues, and any blocks in the energetic body. Each session is unique and intuitively guided to be tailored to your specific needs. You can expect to feel deep relaxation, inner peace and connection to the Divine Energy that exists within you.

60 minutes, $225 for 1-2 guests
additional guests $50 (up to 4 guests)

Wooden flutes lying on a rock beside a creek

7 Flutes for 7 Chakras

This beautiful and unique healing journey assists with aligning your true and authentic selves, and deeper sense of wellbeing. Experience a complete realignment of your 7 major energy centers through this blend of aromatherapy, crystal intention, guided visualization and sound vibration. In this immersive, multisensory spiritual voyage, performed in a sacred space, you’ll experience the sound of 7 native flutes, singing bowls, chanting and drumming.

60 minutes, $235 for 1-2 guests
additional guests $50 (up to 4 guests)

Sound Healing

Sacred Chakra Sound Medicine

This magical journey of sounds, crystals and chakra aligning, will start with a beautiful ceremony of letting go and setting a new intention.

Allow the healing power of alchemy bowls and crystals to restore balance, bring the body and mind into alignment and assist with clearing the unwanted and invite “the new”. Experience the healing power of sound journey meditation through the chakras and rest in a gentle massage for the soul.

75 minutes, $245 for 1-2 guests
additional guests $50 (up to 4 guests)

Holistic Experiences

Soul Whispers Tarot Journey

Step into this personalized experience, designed to instill the tools for accessing abundance, love and connection and awakening the power within. Draw your Tarot and Oracle cards and open your mind and heart to receive beautiful messages for your soul and body. Uncover patterns and truths, and experience a new, true connection to yourself in a more profound way.

60 minutes, $255 for 1 guest
couples $375

A woman meditating next to a river in the forest

Soul Energy Medicine

Soul Medicine healing sessions include breathing meditation to experience your own energy. This unique energy session will lead to deep rest and peace, structural alignment, inner attunement, and will provide insight into a current or past dilemma. Soul Medicine is a mysterious process, and through intention, it will be guided by the gift of a higher consciousness.

Some sessions may include stretching, rocking, acupressure or gentle massage.

Leaving the session you will notice some shifts within – anything blocking you in your joy has vanished.

75 minutes, $275 for 1-2 guests

Sound Healing Bowls

Sound Healing

Sound Healing uses the energy of sound to promote wellness in the human system through various techniques. This signature sensory healing experience begins with a brief discussion of primordial sound healing and moves into a few simple interactive practices of toning and mantra, allowing new discoveries of yourself to surface. Next, a deep relaxation and chakra balancing are achieved through the sounds of seven native flutes that are tuned to the seven main energy centers of the body. Novice to Advanced.

60 minutes, $195 for 1-2 guests
additional guests $50

Holistic Experiences 1

Unleash Your Visions Workshop

Delve deeper into yourself and the bonds of friendship with a masterclass that combines intention setting with crystal meditation and creative journaling. Visualization is one of the most powerful mind exercises you can do, and paired with physical reminders of your intention your focus on life will expand and blossom. You will work with highly skilled practitioners to fill a keepsake box with physical reminders of your intentions. This compilation of meaningful objects will serve as a reminder of ideals, which will continue to flourish once returning home. Boxes will include the following:
– A written positive affirmation based on private discussion with masterclass practitioner
– A crystal chosen based on what you are seeking
– A L’Apothecary Spa custom scent blended with essential oils
– A journal or sketch book started with a journaling guide to continue your journey towards manifestation
– A chakra bracelet as a physical reminder of your time in Sedona and your affirmation created

120 minutes, $350 for minimum 2 guests
additional guests $150
Workshop must be booked 7 days in advance

Holistic Experiences 2

Human Design Reading

Learn your unique energetic blueprint, and discover how understanding your Human Design can assist you in flowing through life with more ease, grace, and a deeper understanding of your unique ways of functioning. Human Design is a science that incorporates tropical astrology, the IChing, the Hindu energy centers and the Kabbalah Tree of Life. Understanding your Human Design will show you how you are energetically designed to move through life and your unique style of making decisions. It shows you how to hone in on your inner authority and listen to the wisdom of your body. This journey includes an intentional heart-opening meditation and a printed report of your Human Design and Body Graph.

90 minutes , $300 for 1 guest

Resort 3

Composite Chart Reading

A composite chart reading will show how the energies are designed to flow between two specific people. Two charts are laid on top of each other, creating a third chart. This shows where each person will be influenced by the other’s energies and the specific types of energetic connections present. Having an awareness of the way our energies are naturally designed to flow with another person, can allow for a deeper understanding and acceptance of this connection and of each other, which will lead to a more harmonious flow of energies between two people.

2 hours , $500 for 2 guests

Movement & Mindfulness

Creekside Yoga

Customized Yoga

Based on a written and intuitive evaluation by one of our highly trained teachers, you will be taken on a distinctive journey of you—incorporating mind/body and energetic practice. This unique Sedona yoga session can focus primarily on the physical, the emotional, or the spiritual, based on your request. Novice to Intermediate

60 minutes, $175 for 1-2 guests
additional guests $50 (up to 4 guests)

A woman sitting cross-legged practicing yoga

Customized Meditation

Enhance your current practice or learn new methods to promote relaxation and well-being. Methods include guiding imagery, pranayama, and sound healing. Novice to Advanced.

60 minutes, $175 for 1-2 guests
additional guests $50

Signature Experiences 6

Connecting with Nature – Shinrin-Yoku

L’Apothecary Spa, set amidst towering woods and flowing creek, affords matchless spa experiences such as bathing in nature. Referred to as “Shinrin-Yoku” in Japan, it is the practice of channeling nature’s essence for the wellness it provides. It focuses on soaking in the essence of the forest (rather than the literal sense of taking a bath in the middle of the forest). A certified Shinrin-Yoku facilitator guides you, immersing you in the natural forest environment to elicit scientifically proven benefits like reduced blood pressure and stress, boosted immune system function, and improved sleep. The experience disconnects you from the world, allowing connections with nature and providing healing practices you can utilize in everyday life. Your session includes an eco-journal to record your experiences, thoughts, and emotions. Dress appropriately for the weather with comfortable clothing and shoes. Novice to Advanced

60 minutes, $170 for 1-2 guests
additional guests $50 (up to 4 guests)

Woman meditating on rock face overlooking Sedona red rocks

Shamanic Breathwork

Memories and states that arise are guided by the flow of higher consciousness. Your journey may revive memories, release trapped tension, and resolve inner conflicts. The breath is deep and continuous, and coaching brings you back to breath focus.  This activity is performed as guests are primarily lying down.

75 minutes, $225 for 1-2 guests
additional guests $50 (up to 4 guests)

a Private Yoga exercise on the SpiritSong terrace

Transformational Breathwork

Transformational Breathwork unfolds in a series of gentle floor yoga poses paired with breathing exercises. The universal breath connects with conscious breath and begins to free trapped patterns and restrictions. As one lets go and becomes partners with the breath, each breath is welcomed, each breath heals. Joy asserts itself as our true nature. We are reminded of our power to self-heal, to release tensions, and to feel at home. Breath is our tool to self-heal and is our very life itself.

75 minutes, $225 for 1-2 guests
additional guests $50 (up to 4 guests)

Vista Cottage Yoga

In-Room Experiences

Embrace the calm and luxurious interior of your cottage, representative of Sedona’s tranquil scenery, while experiencing an in-room holistic experience.

Add $40 to the holistic experience of your choice