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  • Mar 3 2024
  • Mar 4 2024
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Sedona has magical beauty all around that thousands of people come to adventure every year, but there are many paths less taken that are perfect for some secluded exploring on your next Sedona trip. The Sedona Trail Lovers are here to help find your next hike, with the best undercover trails recommended for an easy and stunning view of the wondrous red rocks.


Cibola Pass Trail

This trail can be accessed by using Jordan Trailhead Parking Lot, and provides abundantly awesome views throughout. After the first ¼ mile, you will find several great patches of red rock which would provide great elevated perspectives of Mormon Canyon and Brins Mesa. If you reach the top of the pass, you can follow the social trail that follows right at the fence line and after 250 yards, you will reach an enormous patch of red rock with sweet elevated views of Soldiers Pass, Mitten Rock, Coffee Pot Rock, and The Sphinx/Morning Glory Spire. This site is great both in the early morning and late afternoon as it provides fabulous 360 degree views. 


Grasshopper Point

This site provides quick access to Oak Creek and the trail is located just along the water making it easy to capture the tranquility of Oak Creek in an efficient amount of time. For a more wild setting, you could follow downstream for 1/3 mile to reach a spectacular red rock bench, which provides elevated views of Oak Creek and a beautiful display of Oak Creek Canyon too. Additionally, following along the creek would provide places for serene creekside access, and a great place to enjoy the lushness of Oak Creek and its shady corridor of Sycamores, Cottonwoods, and Velvet Ash trees. This creekside location is good at any time of the day, but heading there mid day when it’s the warmest will give you an opportunity to take a dip to cool off.

Escape the Crowd & Explore Like a Local

Anaconda Trail via Girdner Trail

This trail is one of the best kept secrets in the area and provides wonderful elevated views of Secret Mountain Wilderness, Thunder Mountain, Mescal Mountain, and the many canyons of the Dry Creek Area. This hike will start by parking along Dry Creek Road at the start of Girdner Trail. From the parking location, simply hike Girdner Trail for 1/3 mile, where you will find some great photo opportunities immediately on the right side of the trail. After simply follow straight to ascend up Anaconda Trail. Ascending this path provides a plethora of stunning photo opportunities with panoramic perspectives of the entire Dry Creek Area and Secret Mountain Wilderness. This hike is best both early and later in the day because of its great view perspectives in all directions. 


Brewer Trail via Airport Mesa Trail Parking Lot

This hike offers some of the most amazing and easily accessed elevated views in all of Sedona. The Trailkeepers Association highly recommends this as the best option for a stunning view with an easy hike. It is also suggested to get an early start on this trail, before 7AM to acquire parking. From the Airport Mesa Trail Parking Lot, simply follow left onto Brewer Trail. This will very quickly provide large outcroppings of red rock for amazing photos of Twin Buttes and Munds Mountain Wilderness Area. This area has many great opportunities for captive photos and is best for an early morning or sunrise view.


Weather you looking for an easy outing, or just the perfect place to get that winning instagram photo, these trails come highly recommended from the experts over at Trail Lovers Excursions, who have a plethora of experience guiding the best hikes in red rock country. L’Auberge de Sedona is here to offer you the perfect reprise destination after your days adventuring with a luxury dinner at Cress on Oak Creek to refuel you, or a specialty treatment at L’Apoethary spa to rejuvenate those sore muscles.

Posted: October 10, 2022

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