Sedona Marathon 2014

Our GM Jesse Alexander is getting ready to run the Sedona Marathon this weekend.  After running numerous marathons, ultra marathons and everything in between, we asked him for a little training advice.

L’Auberge: Do you change up your routine a couple days before the race?
Jesse: You want to stay hydrated before any race, but not over hydrating where you’re having to take pit stops
Also, run easy but tone your mileage down, easy miles, not hills and not a lot of intensity. Be sure to include lots of stretching, daily but for sure on run days. Before your runs, be sure to warm up your muscles with movement and then do the static stretching afterwards.

L’A: What about the day before your run? Do you eat a bowl of pasta?
J: When training for a run, you should eat healthy all the time, not just the night before. Before a big race, cut out bad foods for 10 days before hand and then add in a little more carbs but not a big push on carbs!
Sleep!! Throughout the week before race, be sure to get lots of sleep.. Good to have short/ medium runs and then rest your body and actually sleep.
Day before is stressful with travelling to the race location, packet pick up, getting up early to get to the course, so be sure to plan and get enough sleep.

L’A: How about the day of the race?
J: Stretch!!
Make sure you have a timeline of your morning and have your stuff laid out the night before. Put your number on your shirt before you go to sleep. Be ready to wake up and just run.
Fuel for the race and during the race like you have been throughout training. If you’re taking anything on the run, be sure you’ve been using it while training. If you like energy gel, bring gel…don’t try a new energy gummy that day.
If I haven’t pre-run the course, I will study the map to know where the aid stations are, mile markers, and hills so I can plan that in my run.
Wear clothes you have been wearing on runs, don’t do anything you’re not used to doing.  Don’t start eating oatmeal on race day if you haven’t been eating it before all your training runs! Stay consistent. After the run, be sure to stretch and then again later in the day

L’A: What about the day after your race? Business as usual?
J: Keep stretching. I don’t plan on running the day after, but I stay active and keep moving so my muscles don’t tense up.
Be sure to stay healthy after a race. You’ve pushed your body to the point of fatigue and you could get sick, so continue to eat healthy and take care of yourself.

Good Luck to all the Sedona Marathon runners! We’ll see you on the course!

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