Sedona Sound Healing with Tanaya Gallagher

As the seasons begin to change, the trees are transforming with varying colors, the temperatures cooling and your mind is counting down the days until the end of the year. Take the time now to heal yourself so that you can genuinely appreciate this new season and the anticipation of the next.

Sound healing, through various techniques, uses the energy of sound to promote wellness in the human system, including the extension of consciousness. Sound healing is founded on the premise that everything is vibrating at specific frequencies. Science has proven that sound, or vibration, has a strong impact upon substance. Chanting, toning and overtone singing are some of the most powerful methods for resonating sound throughout the body. The use of nature sounds and natural instruments, such as crystal bowls, have specific healing frequencies and harmonics.

Sound healing is gaining popularity in the world’s culture as science is now able to measure the vibrational and electromagnetic frequencies in and around the body. It is not a new form of addressing health and well-being, but rather something that all cultures participate in as a way to support people elevating to a higher level of consciousness. For generations, cultures have included music in their ceremonies to connect either with noise or instruments.


Sedona Sound Healing at L’Apothecary Spa

L’Auberge de Sedona and L’Apothecary Spa will offer Sedona sound healing on four Saturdays throughout the Fall and Winter, 2016. Either come alone for a truly customized session or bring up to 3 others with you to experience a healing of your mind, body and soul through sound. Your personalized Sedona sound healing session at L’Auberge will be designed to create a very gentle and deep relaxation and to assist in your journey of understanding the innate healing power of sound.

During your 90-minute sound healing session you will be guided through the following cues, each designed as an invitation to what makes you comfortable.

  • First, a personalized opening exercise including breathing, stretching while aligning your posture and chanting.
  • Next, Sedona sound healing performed by Tanaya Gallagher with alchemy crystal bowls. These bowls are made of 99% crystal and 1% of gemstones or minerals, each bowl gives a different frequency and Tanaya will use the bowls in a custom pattern to balance the energy of the individual guest.
  • Finally, a personalized closing including a healing mantra will end your Sedona sound healing experience.

Contact L’Apothecary Spa directly for more details and to book your personal sound healing session. Four Fall and Winter dates are open to book, limited, 90 minute sessions available on the following dates for $235, for up to 4 guests:

  • September 24
  • October 22
  • November 26
  • December 23

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 877-402-0177

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