Top 10 New Years Resolutions from the L’Auberge Team

Happy New Year 2014! What an incredible 2013 it has been. We are excited to say goodbye and thank you to the past year, and ready to welcome 2014 with open arms! It’s always fun to look ahead to the brand new year coming your way and set great intentions for how you plan to live it. From our family to yours, here are our Top 10 New Years Resolutions for 2014. Maybe they will inspire you to add them to your list – enjoy!

1. Travel: Whether you take a road trip to next town over or a round-the-world extravaganza, traveling can give you new perspective and great memories. Open your eyes to new cultures with an international trip. Go rugged with a hike/bike/kayak trip. Get pampered with a spa getaway. Coming to Sedona? L’Auberge offers something for everyone – from culinary to spa to outdoor excursions – and you can even bring along your four-legged friend. So put on your traveling’ pants and get moving!

2. Get Outside: Being here in Sedona, there are ample opportunities to get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature. Wherever you are, simply taking a nice walk around the neighborhood, a jaunt down to the beach or a hike along a trail, getting outside allows us to literally and figuratively get a “breath of fresh air”.

In 2014 at L’Auberge, we will have a weekly hiking activity giving our guests more information on surrounding trails and what they need to ensure a great experience. Also in the works is a weekly “Manager’s Choice” hike, where guests can join a L’Auberge manager on a hike they they enjoy. Stay tuned for more information which will be posted to our Upcoming Events page.

3. Eat Locally: Not only does eating locally ensure fresh from the source food, but it also reduces the amount of energy expended to get the food to you. Plus, you are supporting a local business. In 2014, we are holding true to our commitment to eat locally by showcasing locally-sourced ingredients at our L’Auberge Creekside Restaurant. Also on the horizon for the new year – Chef will begin featuring housemade pastrami in the kitchen for the Veranda bar menu!

4. Do More Yoga: Ommm! We’re looking forward to getting centered and balanced in 2014 by adding more yoga to our lives. Yoga can reduce stress, calm your mind, and make you feel pretty darn good – so why not incorporate more of it! Here at L’Auberge, we offer daily yoga, plus we will be hosting a Beginners Yoga day here during the upcoming Sedona Yoga Festival just around the corner in February. Check out more about the festival here.

5. Spend time with Family & Friends: We all know the importance of family and friends, so we are going to make 2014 a year to strengthen bonds and enjoy the company of our loved ones!

6. Pamper Yourself: Whether it be the simple pleasure of enjoying a lovely cup of coffee in your favorite robe, or indulging yourself in a luxurious spa treatment, we want to encourage you to take the time and pamper yourself this coming year. Book a nice relaxing trip. Lounge all day in your PJs. Let the phone go to voicemail. Pour yourself a bubble bath. Take a nice nap. Come visit us here at L’Auberge and you can do all of these, plus indulge in a spa treatment or two.

7. Celebrate the small things: This year, we’re not going to wait for a big anniversary or promotion to celebrate, but instead we’re going to take the time to celebrate all the little accomplishments along the way. No matter how small, remember to make yourself and your loved ones feel special just for being their great selves.

8. Take more pictures: Sedona makes everything photo great! It’s pretty easy to get camera happy in such a beautiful location, but we’re encouraging you to get camera happy wherever you are. Take memorable photos that will bring back great memories when you look at them down the road. Capture a moment in time, and remember the emotions and smells and sounds of being there. In 2014, we here at L’Auberge are putting an emphasis on this resolution and we will be encouraging our current and past guests to share their photos and memories of L’Auberge with us! Check out our Instagram account for more information.

10. Drink more wine: Sip and savor this wonderful beverage and truly enjoy the complexity, history and depth of it. Drinking wine with dinner can heighten the flavors, and a glass by the fire is more than soothing. Here in Sedona, we have lots of local wineries that are producing fabulous wines, and more are popping up all the time! Take a tour of a few local wineries and learn the story behind the process with our Verde Valley Wine Tour Package. Cheers!

10. Set a goal for yourself, big or small: Give yourself a carrot to reach for and go for it! Set a goal for yourself to achieve in 2014 – maybe it’s running in a marathon like the Sedona Marathon in February, completing a certain task at work, or maybe it’s even sticking to your own New Years Resolutions list and following through with some of the above ideas. Whatever your goal is, big or small, have the confidence in yourself that you can and will conquer it. After all, you’re one amazing human being!

Cheers to a happy, healthy, prosperous and joyous new year ahead. Welcome 2014, we’re ready for you!

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