Preparing for Your Sedona Fall Hike

Fall is a perfect time of year to hit the Sedona hiking trails. With cooler temps and colorful landscapes, the red dirt trails beckon hikers from all over to experience winding paths filled with awe inspiring views.


One word comes to mind when planning for your Sedona fall hike…layers! The mornings can be quite cool here in the high desert and you’ll be glad you donned that light jacket as you head out for your hike. However, as you begin to generate internal heat and the rising sun warms the air, you’ll find yourself peeling off that jacket in no time. The same holds true if you begin your Sedona fall hike later in the day – once the sun makes it descent so do the temps and you’ll be glad you packed that extra layer to keep you warm.


Comfort and safety are also key to making your hiking experience an enjoyable one, so make sure you have enough water, a hat, sunglasses, extra socks and a waterproof jacket – staples for any level of hiker.


There are plenty of resources here in town if you find that you’ve left something behind. Many outfitters and hike shops, such as The Hike House, have all the necessities and luxuries you may need to enhance your hiking experience. When it comes to choosing a trail, check out the trail rating first which can be found online at the US Forest Service or stop in at the Red Rock Ranger Station for maps and all sorts of helpful information.


Know your limits and let your body get acquainted with the increase in elevation – especially if you are visiting from a lower elevation. Staying hydrated is your number one priority, so even if you may not be huffing and puffing, keep up with your fluid intake. It takes time for your body to adjust to the elevation change.

Become familiar with basic trail etiquette by following the Leave No Trace principles:

  • Plan Ahead and Prepare – (Water-Jacket-Map)
  • Travel on Durable Surfaces – (Don’t Bust the Crust – Stay on the Trail)
  • Dispose of Waste Properly – (Pack It In, Pack It Out)
  • Leave What You Find – (No souvenirs)
  • Respect Wildlife – (Don’t approach! Not even to get that cool close-up shot for Facebook)
  • Be Considerate of Other Visitors – (Step aside and give horses and bikes ample room)

Fall is known as the season of harvest and the desert is no exception with its bounty full of color. The abundance of sunshine, perfect temps and so much life on the trail to discover there’s no better time to visit and explore this magical hiking mecca known as Sedona.

This blog was created by Suzi Minor, Certified Forest Therapy Guide and L’Apothecary Spa Coordinator.

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