Story of the Sycamore

L’Auberge has many stories of romance, if only the creek, trees and red rocks on our property could talk!

When you think of new love or announcing your love (before Facebook & Twitter) where else would you go?  Carve yours and your beloved’s initials into a tree? Snuggle in the comfort of the shade and listen to the song of the creek?

The sycamore is a large, deciduous tree known for its longevity and spreading crown.  It’s most common use throughout history is a gathering place, due to its broad outreach of branches resulting and pleasant shade during the summer.  These trees are found along the Verde Valley and its tributaries; in fact, if you take a close look at the flora of Oak Creek, you’ll discover that the most striking trees are the sycamore, not the oak for which it is named.

We have had several wedding couples fall in love with the sycamore trees throughout property and plan their wedding ceremonies beneath them.  In fact, most of our wedding ceremony locations are centered around the sycamore!

What is your Story of the Sycamore? Did you come to L’Auberge and start a romance or rekindle with a loved one?  Share your story with us!

~Signing off CreekSide, L’Auberge

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