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  • Jul 31 2021
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Sedona Art: Artist Sherab Khandro

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A painter's easel set up by a creek in the forest

On a daily basis, guests comment on the beauty of our creekside location and mention how inspiring it is.  Did you know that Sedona Art is created at L’Auberge on a regular basis?  You’ll find these talented men and women on the deck of Etch Kitchen & Bar or down along the creek.  They are part of our Artist in Residence program that has been created in partnership with Goldenstein Gallery.  If you’ve been to L’Auberge in the past couple of years, there is no doubt that you have seen Sherab Khandro (Shey) painting and chatting with guests, or at the very least, you’ve seen her work hung in the restaurant.  Below is a little more about Shey, her story and her preferred mediums.

Shey’s Art

Sherab Khandro (Shey) is a painter, sculptor, speaker and writer. She creates her art in sculpture, paintings and an inspiring line of “Intentional Jewelry”. Showing in our exhibit at L’Auberge are two of Shey’s bronze sculptures “Amitabha: Red Buddha of Infinite Light” and the “Wheel of Compassion.”

The “Amitabha: Red Buddha of Infinite Light” is placed outside the fitness room and is also placed as the jewel in the crown of the Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park in West Sedona. Just below Thunder Mountain, this is a beautiful place and open to the public during the day for everyone.

The “Wheel of Compassion”, Sedona art in motion, was placed in the lobby near Etch for over two years and is now in the  “Peace Garden” at L’Auberge.  Guests are invited to turn the Wheel clockwise to release over 1 billion prayers for peace, love and compassion. (The Peace Garden is on the Art Map at the front desk or concierge desk in the Lodge.)

Shey is also a painter that uses the rare style of pointillism which is small dots of color to create a painting. Her pointillist paintings are near Etch and restaurant powder rooms. Her prints are in many of the Creekside Cottages: When I Think of You and Gentle Rain.

Over the last few years Shey has lead many different meditations/talks at L’Auberge. She speaks nationally and recently gave a Sedona TEDx talk.

Headshot of Artist Sherab Khandro

“As world citizens, we have an opportunity, quite possibly a responsibility, to bring our best qualities forth for the benefit of all. Giving birth to the deepest aspirations of our hearts, through our words and our deeds. My art is my voice, I speak of loving kindness, compassion and peace.” Sherab Khandro

Shey’s Story

Accomplished painter, sculptor, speaker and writer, Sherab “Shey” Khandro draws inspiration from her years of philosophical study and over two decades of work as a professional in the visual arts. Formally trained by Tibetan masters in exile in the U.S., Sherab Khandro brings years of spiritual training to all of her work. Exploring symbols within our modern culture, imbuing her work with intention, she tells a story, inviting us to remember what is important in life and the qualities we are committed to embracing for the benefit of all.

Artist Sherab Khandro painting a peacock

Through symbols of transformation: images of the Buddha and totems found in nature, she reminds us of our own natural beauty, and the power of small acts to make a difference. Drawn to the architecture of a composition in both paintings and sculpture, she is equally inspired by the play of color and the exploration of dimension and form. Often interactive, her sculpture is an invitation to engage.

Using the detailed technique of pointillism in her paintings, the neo-impressionist style in which tiny dots of color create rich and vibrant imagery. With each stroke of the brush comes a prayer of compassion. Each dot, offered as a jewel, a prayer to end suffering in the world.

When you’re at L’Auberge, be sure to look for the artists and say hello.  Ask about their inspiration for their Sedona art and their “must see” list.  They are all a wealth of knowledge and will definitely enhance your Sedona experience.

Close up view of a paintings texture

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