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The Sedona Experience: Jeep Tours

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A pink Jeep filled with tourist overlooking a treed valley

A quintessential Sedona activity and truly unforgettable experience, Sedona Jeep Tours take you rocking and rolling over the backcountry of Sedona. Get up close with the Red Rocks and enjoy unmatched views while your driver leads a thrill-inducing, adrenaline-pumping excursion!

One of the most iconic outfitters in Sedona is Pink Jeep Tours – known for their bright pink jeeps and variety of tours to choose from. They have been in business for over 50+ years and even offer pickup and drop-off right at our front door. Knowledgeable guides offer up insider information, interesting facts and more on each of the tours.

Learn more about the tours that Pink Jeep offers:

Broken Arrow Tour

A pink Jeep crawling down the side of a steep rocky hill.

This is by far Sedona’s best 4 x 4 adventure, offering a fun-filled adventure that leads you on and over the Red Rocks while the magnificent red canyon walls surround you. Whether soaking up the panoramic views at Submarine Rock, marveling at the Red Rock spires of Chicken Point or holding on during the heart-pounding descent down the “Road of no Return”, this exhibition of natural beauty is the perfectly well-rounded Sedona adventure that will leave you mesmerized.

Special Note: Pink Jeep Tours is the only company permitted by the National Forest Service to conduct tours on the Broken Arrow trail

2 hours | $99

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Scenic Rim Tour

A pink Jeep driving along side a tree covered canyon

This tour will have you ascending an amazing 2,000 feet to the very top of the Mogollon Rim. This rugged, bumpy adventure takes you through majestic Red Rock formations and unbelievable views. Begin with an ascent up Schnebly Hill road which will have your heart racing. Wander through Bear Wallow Canyon, pass by the Munds Wagon Trail and view Mount Wilson – an extinct volcano that is also Sedona’s highest point. At the pinnacle of the tour, enjoy sweeping views of all of Sedona as well as across the Verde Valley to Jerome, AZ. These larger than life views of the lowland deserts combined with the Ponderosa Pine forests of the high mountains provide you with an array of fabulous photo opportunities.

Special Note: The current trail condition on the Scenic Rim Tour is very bumpy and rough. This tour is currently not recommended to anyone looking for a smooth, mild tour experience.

1.5 hours | $55

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Ancient Ruins Tour

Landscape view of Pueblo ruins in the side of a mountain

This tour takes you on a fascinating archaeological adventure through a Native American cliff dwelling built in the 12th Century AD. Extraordinary scenery abounds as you travel through spectacular canyon lands and towering Red Rock formations on your way to the Honanki Heritage Site. Marvel at the ruins as you learn about dry farming techniques, survival strategies, their daily life and why these people built their homes in the recesses of the rock formations. This tour is perfect for guests with younger children and those interested in the archaeological adventures; as it offers 15 – 20 minutes to stretch your legs and get out of the jeep.

Special Note: During the Ancient Ruins Tour, you will explore the site by foot. Comfortable walking shoes are recommended for the ¾-mile (1.2km) walk.

3 hours | $85

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Coyote Canyons Tour

A pink Jeep driving the countryside, as cacti are seen on the side of the road

The Coyote Canyons tour is a great introductory tour! Travel through Sedona into the western canyons to view some of the most beautiful Red Rock formations in Red Rock Country. Learn about Thunder Mountain, Boynton Canyon, Doe Mesa, Bear Mountain and the Camel’s Caravan on this scenic tour. Be sure and keep your eye out for desert wildlife such as javelina, jackrabbits, lizards, rattlesnakes, roadrunners, vultures, mule deer, red tail hawk, and the canyon’s namesake – coyotes! Sometimes called prairie wolves, coyotes are highly adaptive to their environment and have developed a keen sense of survival. As you make your way back into Sedona, get your cameras out for the incredible sunsets – when the sun is at the right angle, the Red Rocks are drenched in rich, vibrant colors!

Special Note: This tour is popular later in the day, since it offers incredible sunset views.

2 hours | $65

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“Touch the Earth” Vortex Tour

A pink Jeep driving up a hill with the canyon stretch in the background

The “Touch the Earth” Vortex tour is one of the best ways to experience Sedona vortexes up close and personal. Learn about the history, science, cultural and metaphysical beliefs of the vortex sites and how they can effect your energy. Visit Mystic Vista, Vultee Arch Road or Airport Mesa to experience the beauty of Sedona and see the views of Cathedral Rock, Courthouse Butte and Bell Rock from a unique vantage point. This relaxing, insightful tour will explore the myths and legends surrounding the vortexes and let you draw your own conclusions.

Special Note: Be sure to look out for twisted tree trunks and other interesting formations that are said to be the result of vortex energy.

2.5 hours | $88

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Red Rock Range Tour

A pink Jeep in the middle of a road splitting the tree covered valley, with mountains in the background

The Red Rock Range tour will give you a relaxing off-road experience perfect for everyone looking for a mild tour with just the right amount of adventure. Explore the trails and western canyons to view amazing Red Rock formations in Red Rock Country. Learn about Thunder Mountain, Boynton Canyon, Doe Mesa, Bear Mountain and the Camel’s Caravan on this scenic tour, as well as local plant life, wildlife and geological history. This excellent mild tour provides spectacular views and no elevation changes.

Special Note: Be sure and pack your camera to document all the natural beauty, and maybe even some wildlife, found in this area.

2 hours | $65

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Diamondback Gulch Tour

A pink Jeep driving up a rocky trail with trees in the background

Get rocking and rolling through Sedona’s outback on the Diamondback Gulch tour – an adventure that boasts 360 degree panoramic views. This exciting, off-road, 4×4 adventure takes you down Sedona’s most rugged trails, so you better hold on! Travel 18 miles west of Sedona into Boynton Canyon, where you will experience multiple ecotones as the vegetation transitions from grasslands to pinon pine junipers to prickly pear cactus. Explore Thunder Mountain, Doe Mesa, Lizard Head Rock, Cocks Comb, the spire of Chimney Rock and other popular Red Rock formations. Across the Verde Valley you will spot Mingus Mountain, the Black Hills (home to Jerome, AZ) and wide open sky. Snake through Greasy Spoon onto the Sidewinder trail and through the Diamondback Gulch arroyo – a deep ravine that your Pink Jeep will be climbing and crawling over as you hold on tight and grab some memorable shots!

Special Note: Did you know that the Verde Valley was once home to 50,000 head of Texas longhorn cattle? You can still see remnants of the old ranching days all along this trail.

2.5 hours | $85

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Have you been on a Pink Jeep Tour in Sedona? Let us know your experiences in the comments!

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