Weekdays in Sedona

As Kenny Chesney sings, “…it’s a smile, it’s a kiss, it’s a sip of wine, it’s summertime”.  It’s time to start planning your summer adventure! Whether it’s relaxing quiet time that you crave or a little bit of adventure; summer in Sedona means warm days and cool nights, windows open, a constant fresh breeze and starry nights.

Being an adult means weekends are full of to-dos and before you know it, it’s already Sunday evening when you finally fall into the couch to relax before the week starts all over again.  But what if this week, Monday kicks off your summer vacation? Mid-week is the best time to visit Sedona, and we have ideas to fill your days and give you more reasons to play hooky from work.

  1. Dining creekside is an event, a must-do while you’re in Sedona. But there are other great places to stop while you’re in Sedona.  If you’re going on a hike or planning to explore the 7 wonders of Sedona, pack a picnic so you can sit and soak up the fresh air and good vibes of the Red Rocks.  Stop at Sedona Memories and have Mike and his team make you an amazing sandwich…don’t forget to get a cookie too.  (They only accept cash and they’re only open from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., or until the bread is all gone.)
  2. -Moran Point Views-The Grand Canyon is only a 2 hour drive from Sedona. Get up early one day and hit the road, the drive is beautiful and a great chance to talk and think about non-work things.  Before you go, visit The Hike House to get a driving map (there are a couple routes) and talk to the experts about what to do at the Grand Canyon.  You want to have a plan when you go to the Grand Canyon, or you’ll end up making the trip to get out of your car, look over the edge, take a selfie and get back in the car.  It’s worth so much more! (Blend your own trail mix while you’re at The Hike House, whether you’re hiking or not, it’ll taste delicious out on the rim.)
  3. Jerome is another day trip away from Sedona. It takes about 45 minutes to drive from Sedona and houses many local artists.  Jerome is a small mining town with so much history, but with small winding streets, it’s best to visit during the week.  When you’re ready for lunch, go to The Haunted Hamburger for great food and great views.  (On your way back, go through Clarkdale and quench your thirst at Four-Eight Wineworks, a wine makers co-op, that is truly local and one of a kind.)
  4. LAuberge_ChairsWhat is one thing that so many adults want to do, but tend to prioritize to the bottom of a list? Read a full book, not just the first chapter, the full book! L’Auberge has chairs and swings along the creek set in the perfect spots to do just that.  We apologize in advance if the ducks take some of your attention, but by mid-morning they’ll find their spots along the banks and sunbathe while you escape into your literary voyage.

So pack your flip-flops, hiking shoes, sunscreen, hat, book and head towards the Red Rocks of Sedona.  L’Auberge is offering up to 30% off May – August when you book a stay Sunday – Thursday….book now, but only if you want to beat the crowds!


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