Guest Activities for your Perfect Sedona Wedding

A destination wedding in Sedona is a magical event.  L’Auberge can be the perfect location with creekside and red rock venues, inside or outside dining locations, and activities to entertain your guests.  Our teams will work with the wedding couple, whether the wedding is for 2 guests or 150, to find the perfect locations, set the venue to your specifications, and design a menu that is sure to satisfy your guests.

Our location in Sedona and the amazing teams we work with allow us to create a wedding event that will give your guests, and you, something to remember for a long time.  When you think about your guests and the experiences you wish for them, we have a few suggestions:

Daily Guest Events

Every day of the week, we offer complimentary guest activities that showcase the unique elements of Sedona.  Many of our activities are introductions to wellness programming that many flock to Sedona to experience.  For example, we brought Forest Bathing to L’Auberge and all that experience this activity walk away with a deeper appreciation for the nature around them.  “The practice of forest bathing is more focused on soaking in the essence of the forest rather than the literal sense of taking a bath in the middle of the forest.”  We also offer stargazing three times a week, and if any of your guests are coming from big cities where the stars are faint, they will be excited by what Sedona shows off in her night sky.

Proximity to Local Attractions

Not only are there trails all over Sedona for hiking and mountain biking, there are trails within a mile of L’Auberge.  Our valet team can take your guests to a number of trailheads and pick them up when they finish.  Also, within a mile of L’Auberge, are several art galleries presenting talented local artists, unique shops sharing the culture of Sedona, and restaurants for every palate.  A little further, but still close enough for an afternoon trip, are wineries that showcase Arizona wines.  The scenery is beautiful, the wine is delicious, and your guests will come back relaxed and ready to celebrate you and your new spouse!


One of our favorite introductions to Sedona is a Pink Jeep Tour.  Generally, about 2-hours long, the tours will get guests out into the red rocks with a guide that knows just about everything there is to know about Sedona.  The Pink Jeep Tours also add a bit of adventure to the day with trails that are only meant for 4-wheel drive and a very seasoned driver. Not only does it give your guests an introduction to Sedona, its history, landscape, and adventure; a Pink Jeep Tour will give the wedding party and couple time to get ready and prepare for the wedding ceremony and reception.  If you have a group of guests, and need a little extra time to prepare for the big day, a special lunch can be set out among the red rocks in the middle of the Pink Jeep Tour.

No matter what Sedona activities you want to experience, our dedicated team will be happy to arrange them for you.





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