Artist in Residence Biography: David DeVary


Some time ago, in a major publication, David DeVary was described as a ‘New West’ artist.  Using symbols of the American West, his art expresses universal emotions and themes, especially attitude. David creates romanticized icons, rather than realistic depictions of a particular person, place or time, by surrounding his contemporary cowboys and cowgirls with silver, gold and copper metallic leaf. By juxtaposing the gloss and glitter of copper and gold leafing with the layering of glazes, spackle and other mixed media, David gives each piece what he calls ‘an earthy, familiar feel to the work; at the same time, it gets an other world, heroic, timeless quality’.

DeVary paints introspective, idealized and sometimes, provocative figures. Each figure captures and combines the good feelings associated with western myth and the American Dream. His use of bright yellow slickers, black hats that shield the eyes, worn-out, antique chaps and the cowboy’s own natural body language, all come together to create striking, unique, almost ethereal portrait of the American cowboy and cowgirl.
“I’m not painting history; rather, I’m trying to capture the American west the way we’d like it to be or the way it could be. Like the traditional western artist, I’m fascinated with this romanticized, idealistic west.”

“In the past twenty years, I have had the privilege of having my work in some of the finest homes, museums and galleries from Chicago to Yountville, from Paris to Sedona. I love what I’m doing and I hope you like it too.”